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707th Special Mission Battalion

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707th Special Mission Battalion
707 icon
A 707 operative with a Glock 18
White Tiger
Korean CT
OriginSouthkorea flag
PointTaiwan/Hong Kong
199 (30 days)

Available in promotion reward

100,000 (30 days)

100,000 (30 days)

System name707

The 707th Special Mission Battalion (korean: 707특수임무대대) or simply 707 is a Counter-Terrorist faction in Counter-Strike Online.


Once a player use this model in game, he will get additional 20% experience points and 10% game points.

Other effects that vary between regions:

  • For Taiwan/Hong Kong region, the player will receive 30,000 game points after purchase of this model.
  • For Japan region, the player will receive 90,000 game points after purchase of this model.
  • For China region, it can be purchased with points. However, the player must be Level 30 or higher to purchase it.
  • This model is not purchasable in Singapore/Malaysia and Indonesia regions but it can obtained for 7 days from Promotion reward Level 10.

Official description

The 707 Special Mission Battalion, first formed with 120 soldiers in 1982, has been enhancing its reputation internationally. Forces including Germany’s GSG-9 and USA’s Delta force train with 707 troops. Only elite soldiers highly skilled in shooting, airborne, rappelling or martial arts can join the 'White Tigers'.


The 707th operators in game are suited with black uniforms with South Korea flags on its right sleeves; a black helmet and a pair of goggles. This model is recommended for mid-night operations such as:

Weapons and equipment

The 707th Special Mission Battalion had adopted these weapons in the game as their standard weapons:

Icon glock Icon usp

M4 icon Icon usas cso

K1a Mp5 Mp7a1

Icon scar cso

Awp M24 gfx Awpaw50


Known Operatives



  • 707 is often featured in early media, such as the Counter-Strike Online's teaser trailer and Human Scenario trailer.

External links

  • 707 at Wikipedia.

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