Room restrict noawpAWP Forbidden is a custom submode in Counter-Strike Online and Counter-Strike Online 2.


AWP Forbidden games do not allow the use of AWPs and other high damage bolt-action sniper rifle such as:

Awp Awpred icon Awpcamo Awpr93 Awpaw50 Trg42 Awpz M82 M400 gfx M24 gfx Xm2010 Barrett m95 Thunderbolt Lightningrail


  • This restriction is very useful for the host that does not want any high damage bolt-action sniper rifles in their room. However, the usage of semi-auto and full-auto sniper rifles are still allowed.
  • Oddly, Thunderbolt and Lightning Rail are not allowed in this submode too even though they are not bolt-action.

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