Agent Jay
Zbs64 msg
Level AppearedEpisode Carlito
LocationVanguard Company
FactionDouglas Jacob
Health and Abilities
Signature PrimaryDual Uzi
Signature SecondaryDual Dagger
System namezbs64

Agent Jay is the final boss in Episode Carlito.


Agent Jay is unleashed by Douglas Jacob to destroy Carlito and his Vanguard mercenaries. She is an expert assassin equipped with a pair of dagger and specialized Uzi. Cloaked under a dark blue-black hood, she can jump and move in a very fast manner. According to her face and body skins, it is likely that she is also exposed to Z-Virus but still gain her consciousness.

Weapon of choice

Uzi Jay's dagger


Agent Jay is capable of:

  • Dash: Move fast to attack with dagger.
  • Rolling: Move fast to right or left.
  • Grenade: Throw grenade.
  • Uzi Spray: Shoot Uzi while running side to side.
  • Tower Climbing: Climb from towers to towers to shoot from far.



  • Her behaviors heavily resemble Female Assassin in Half-Life.
  • She alongside with Dione are one of the bosses that escape successfully after a battle but will be killed soon after that
  • She alongside Neid and Zavist are one of the bosses that appear as smaller in size, making it hard for the players to aim and shoot. However, it is compensated with lower HP.
  • She is the first Zombie Scenario boss to use the automatic weapon against players (previous bosses have used weapons mounted on their bodies).

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