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Asia Red Army
Asia Red Army aiming with Beretta 92G Elite II in map Camouflage
AliasesJapanese Red Army
Anti-Imperialist International Brigade
Anti-War Democratic Front
Holy War Brigade
PointTaiwan/Hong Kong
199 (30 days)

6500 cash point (30 days)

45000 (30 days)

6000 (30 days)

System namejra

Japanese Red Army (日本赤軍 Nihon Sekigun, JRA) or Asia Red Army (アジア赤軍 Ajia Sekigun, ARA) is a terrorist faction in Counter-Strike Online. It is purchasable with cash points.


Once a player use this model in game, he will get additional 20% experience points and 20% game points.

  • For Singapore/Malaysia version, the player will receive 50,000 game points after purchasing this model.
  • For Taiwan/Hong Kong version, the player will receive 30,000 game points after purchasing this model.
  • In Indonesia, the player will receive 500,000 game points after purchasing this model. Other than that, when the player use this model in game, he will get additional 10% experience points and 10% game points.

Official Description

In 1970, a group of Japanese Red Army members hijacked an airplane and order it to fly to North Korea with heavy arms and killed nine hostages in the plane. Their act shocked the world. In order to promote Marxism, they engaged many Terrorist activities around the world.



The Asia Red Army members in game were suited with white T-shirts and red scarfs on their faces. According to the appearance, this model is suited for outdoor operations and recommended for maps:


Asia Red Army raises and trains Ritsuka from child to accumulate war experiences.



  • The selection icon shows a Red Army member welding a pair of Berettas with the background image of map Camouflage.
  • There is a soccer mode version for this model which is purchasable with cash points and usable in all modes.
  • In Japan region, this model is the only one which can be bought by game points.
  • This model is based on the Japanese Red Army.
  • ARA's selection icon pose is inspired from original Counter-Strike Elite Crew selection icon.
  • "ARA" is a Japanese word meaning "Oh my".

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