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  • BL-IX / BL9
  • Balrog-9
  • Balrog Gauntlets
  • The Shadow of Kung Fu (影武者Balrog-IX) (Taiwan / HK)
  • 爆裂Balrog-IX (China)



Aegis Institute

Added since

South Korea
6 December 2012
25 July 2013 (Resale)
19 December 2013 (Resale)

Taiwan/Hong Kong
7 December 2012
20 Aug 2013 (Resale)

20 December 2012
23 Oct 2013 (Resale)

11 September 2013

2 January 2014


Aegis Institute

Obtained by

Btn store@n

Recommended in

Zombie original 1Zombie scenario

Cash point

South Korea
9800 (Permanent)

Taiwan/Hong Kong
299 (Permanent)

9800 (Permanent)

95000 (Permanent)

Price in match


Base damage


  • 35


  • 58 (uncharged)
  • 108 (fully charged)
Rate of fire
  • High (Primary)
  • Low (Secondary)
Percentage speed reduction


Knockback Power
  • Low (Primary)
  • High (Secondary)
Stun Power
  • Low (Primary)
  • Medium (Charged)
Fire Mode
  • Boxing punch (Primary)
  • Explosive claw (Secondary)
Secondary fire / Modes

Explosive claw

Used by

Ct iconTr icon

System name


Room restrict limitknifeBALROG-IX or Balrog-9 is a pair of melee battle gauntlets developed by Aegis Institute as part of the Balrog series.


Balrog-IX is a melee weapon developed by Aegis Laboratory. Primary attack does a fast punch while the secondary attack delivers a massive explosive punch after charging it.


  • High damage
  • Moderate attack rate
  • Critical damage when the target receives a direct hit
  • Able to perform explosive attacks
  • Does not affect player's speed
  • Moderate knockback towards zombies
  • Explosions can go through walls
  • Can hold the explosive attack for an unlimited time
  • Explosions have longer range than the Skull-9


  • Cannot do one-hit kill (unless you fully charged the gauntlet)
  • Only available for a limited time
  • Can only purchasable with cash
  • Has delay when using the secondary mode
  • Explosive attack's damage decreases over range.

Release date

Zs behind cso

This weapon was released alongside Behind on:

  • South Korea: 6 December 2012.
    • There was a resale on 25 July 2013.
    • There was a resale on 19 December 2013.
  • Taiwan/Hongkong: 7 December 2012.
    • There was a resale on 20 August 2013.
  • Japan: 20 December 2012.
    • There was a resale on 23 October 2013.

Zs contact cso

This weapon was released alongside Contact on:

  • Singapore/Malaysia: 11 September 2013.

This weapon was released alongside new Beast Mode maps: Port and Requiem on:

  • Indonesia: 2 January 2014.

Tips using Balrog-IX


  • The rate of fire/attack speed will increase if the player hit the target, Similiar with Tomahawk and Wakizashi.

Zombie Scenario

  • The explosive attack can kill a large group of zombies, more than the Skull-9. Moreover you can knock away strong zombies like Deimos or Ganymede.
  • Use it to destroy obstacles as it can bring them down very fast.

Zombie: The Union

  • Use the explosive attack along with Bloody Blade and Damage x3 to perform a devasting combo of 4130. 
  • The explosive attack is enough to kill a human, a skilled or lucky player can kill 2 or 3 enemies with just one hit.

Tactics facing Balrog-IX users

  • Balrog-IX users are very fast, powerful and dangerous with their knuckles, it only requires 1-2 hit to the body in normal matches to take you down. So, confront them quickly but with caution.
  • Keep an eye on their weapon, because most Balrog-IX user will use B mode first instead of A mode. Use this as an advantage.
  • Take note that Balrog-IX's range is quite short. Use this as your advantage. Keep your distance from them as B mode's damage decrease over range.
  • Remember to buy Kevlar and Helmet to prolong your life.


Balrog9 draw

Drawing sound

Balrog9 slash1

Slashing sound

Balrog9 hit1

Wall impact sound

Balrog9 charge finish1

Pre-charge sound

Balrog9 charge attack2

Charge attack sound

Counter-Strike Online BALROG-IX Gameplay(01:50)
Have you bought this gauntlet?

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  • This is the fourth dual-wielded melee. The first is Dragon Tail followed by Dual Nata Knives and Dual Wakizashi.
  • This is the first melee weapon that can perform an explosive attack.
  • When charging the Balrog-IX in Contact chapter, the user can walk through the blower corridor sections easily. It also allows players to walk with no speed reduction in the swamp of Decoy chapter. This exploit has been fixed in the following update.
  • It shares the same wall impact sound with Skull-9 and Green Dragon Glaive.
  • A red muzzle flash will appear when the gauntlets are fully charged. Also, the horns of Balrog will fold in while the claws will appear from the gauntlet.
  • Tattoos won't work on this weapon due to gauntlets covering large portion of the hands.
  • There is a bug when charging the Balrog-IX and then hold left click, it will still charging even if we release right click.
  • If players use Alice character, the view model will show the default female's hand model.
  • Balrog-IX is the only melee weapon that player uses fists to beat down an enemy, instead of bladed weapons.

Have you purchased the BALROG-XI and how is it?

The poll was created at 00:31 on April 10, 2014, and so far 47 people voted.
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