The God Eliminator!

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  • BL-XI / BL11
  • Balrog-11
  • Balrog-XI
  • XM1014 Balrog Edition
  • Balrog Shotgun
  • The God Eliminator (弒神者Balrog-XI) (Taiwan/Hong Kong)
  • 龙炎Balrog-XI (China)



Aegis Institute

Added since

South Korea
14 May 2013
24 July 2014 (BLUE)

Taiwan/Hong Kong
5 June 2013
5 August 2014 (BLUE)

5 June 2013
6 August 2014 (BLUE)

26 February 2014
7 January 2015 (BLUE)

9 April 2014

23 September 2014 (Craft)
1 July 2016 (BLUE)

26 March 2015 (Craft)
4 June 2015 (BLUE)


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Recommended in

Zombie original 1Zombie scenario

Cash point

South Korea
9800 (Permanent)

Taiwan/Hong Kong
399 (Permanent)

120000 (Permanent)
250000 (Permanent + 30 Code Boxes and 30 Code A Decoders)

13000 (Permanent)

Price in match


Base damage




  • A: 52%
  • B: 0%
Rate of fire
  • A: 82%
  • B: 78%
Percentage speed reduction


Knockback Power
  • A: Low
  • B: High
Stun Power
  • A: High
  • B: High
Magazine Size
  • 7 / 32
  • 7 (Explosive shells)
Fire Mode



12.G AHE

Secondary fire / Modes


Used by

Ct icon Tr icon

System name


For the original version, see XM1014.

Room restrict shotgunBALROG-XI or BALROG-11 is a shotgun from the BALROG Series in Counter-Strike Online.


Based on the XM1014, BALROG-XI is an auto shotgun that is developed by Aegis Laboratory. The much-touted Balrog Charging System will generate an incendiary round for each four shells shot in quick succession, with a maximum of seven incendiary shells which can be used as secondary fire.


  • High damage, especially in secondary fire mode
  • High rate of fire
  • Very high stun power to zombies
  • Very short reload time for a shotgun
  • Can do wide-spread explosive shots
  • Explosive shots deal high damage to zombies and can knock zombies away, specially in mid-air
  • Good for destroying obstacles
  • Explosive shots' damage doesn't decrease over range


  • Expensive price and ammunition costs
  • Just like most shotguns, no penetration on normal shots
  • Easily runs dry due to its rate of fire and low magazine capacity
  • Have to shoot 4 bullets to obtain an explosive ammo
  • Explosive shot cannot perform headshot kills except with concentrated fire
  • Cannot be shot underwater
  • Limited range when using explosive shot
  • Obtainable through Find the Zombies event only (BLUE edition)


  • South Korea: 14 May 2013.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 5 June 2013.
  • China/Japan: 5 June 2013.
  • Indonesia: 26 February 2014.
  • Singapore/Malaysia: 9 April 2014.
  • CSN:Z: 23 September 2014.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.

  • South Korea: 24 July 2014.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 5 August 2014.
  • China/Japan: 6 August 2014.
  • Indonesia: 7 January 2015.
  • Vietnam: 4 June 2015.


  • This weapon is a proper replacement for those who like to use XM1014.
  • BALROG-XI's explosive shot can deal tremendous damage to zombies and obstacles.
  • You can shoot the explosive ammo while reloading.
  • An explosive ammo will be obtained after firing 4 pellets continuously.
  • The maximum of explosive ammo obtainable is 7.
  • It can take down barriers real fast with just some explosive shots.
  • Explosive shots' damage doesn't decrease over range in comparison with the Black Dragon Cannon. Furthermore, it has longer range but lower area spread than the latter one.

  • Not recommended for use in Original due to the lack of accuracy, useless in far range, massively expensive and low spare ammunition.
  • In addition, BALROG-XI's explosive shot damage has been reduced a lot. Need at least 2-3 explosive shots to take down a single target, even though in point blank.
  • However, BALROG-XI is very useful in closed-area maps such as 747, Dust2A, Roof or Gallery.

  • Functions as XM1014 with additional firing mode.
  • Keep an eye on your reserve ammo count.
  • 1 round of explosive shot to the body can deal about 500 ~ 1000 damage to zombies, depends on the range.
  • Aim for the head with explosive shot for a massive damage of over 1000 ~ 1500.
  • Recommended to keep at least 2-3 explosive rounds in case of emergency situations.
  • Explosive shot's damage will be higher, if the target is closer.
  • Explosive shots have a high knock-back power but also a low stun power, so it is recommended to keep an appropriate distance.
  • Use the explosive shots toward host zombies, as they mostly have lower health or to send zombies in mid-air flying away, specially Light zombies or Sting Fingers.
  • Note that explosive shots cannot be combined with Deadly Shot, so use it carefully.

  • BALROG-XI can take down barriers easily with explosive shots so make sure you have enough ammo.
  • Keep your explosive rounds stocked in case of overwhelming zombies incoming so that you can escape easily.
  • 7 bullets from explosive shots can deal 41000 damage to bosses, provided that the firepower has been maxed.
  • The Balrog Charging System is strong enough to kill zombies even without upgrading the attack power.
  • Keep an eye on your money in the beginning 600 rounds of BALROG-XI can burn out $9750.
  • Explosive shots are useful for battling mini bosses especially for Deimos and Ganymede. They are also useful for fighting bosses which have very high armor such as Revenant.
  • Explosive shots can penetrate through bodies but not walls.
  • Don't use BALROG-XI to fight against Kraken as it is immune to the explosive shots.

Comparison to XM1014

M4 icon


  • Higher rate of fire (+6%)
  • Can do wide spread explosive shots
  • Additional explosive rounds
  • More effective against zombies


  • Same damage (52)
  • Same weight (4% speed reduction)
  • Same magazine size (7)


  • More expensive (+$2750)
  • Available for limited time only


INCSO Balrog XI Preview00:35

INCSO Balrog XI Preview

CounterStrike Online Balrog-XI Gameplay01:19

CounterStrike Online Balrog-XI Gameplay

Counter Strike Online China BALROG BLUE Series Trailer01:45

Counter Strike Online China BALROG BLUE Series Trailer

카스온라인 발록11 발샷 블루 CSO BALROG-XI BLUE00:47

카스온라인 발록11 발샷 블루 CSO BALROG-XI BLUE

Counter-Strike Online China Trailer - Ultimax 100 & Poison Paint01:58

Counter-Strike Online China Trailer - Ultimax 100 & Poison Paint

CSO Poison Paint (BALROG 3 and BALROG 11)03:47

CSO Poison Paint (BALROG 3 and BALROG 11)

CSO Poison Balrog Balrog-III & Balrog-XI-146000320801:49

CSO Poison Balrog Balrog-III & Balrog-XI-1460003208

Balrog11 draw

Drawing sound

Balrog11 insert

Inserting sound


Shooting sound


BCS shooting sound


  • A new muzzle flash was created for this weapon.
  • When an explosive shell is charged, it uses the BALROG-IX's charging sound effect.
  • Its secondary fire mode is similar to the Black Dragon Cannon's primary shot, except that BALROG-XI has a longer range albeit smaller area spread.
  • This is the second BALROG weapon in which the Balrog Charging System is activated manually after BALROG-I.
  • The word "BALROG XI" can be seen on the shotgun's receiver when reloading or drawing.
  • The word "BCS System" is printed on the buttstock, however it's hard to see in normal circumstances.
  • When shooting the explosive shot, a different shotgun shell model is ejected.
  • Unlike the original XM1014, BALROG-XI has a 'muzzle brake' for emitting Balrog Charging System at the end of the barrel and an additional unused railing system on top of the barrel.

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