Battle Weapons are a type of weapon series in Counter-Strike Online.


These are the modified weapons that are trademarked with their bandages and several damages on the weapon body. They can be obtained originally from Weapon Release event where later they can be obtained exclusively from respective events. They have the improved weapon performance than the original weapon, mainly on the damage.

The Battle Weapons

Original Release
Weapon Name Adjustments
Bglock18 Battle Glock Damage +1
Accuracy -1
Recoil +22%
Full-auto alternate fire
Busp45 Battle USP Damage +5
Accuracy -4%
Recoil +10%
Bmp5 Battle MP5 Damage +1
Accuracy -10%
Recoil +6%
Bgalil Battle Galil Damage +1
Accuracy +2%
Recoil +1%
Bfamas Battle FAMAS Damage +1
Recoil +2%
Bqbb95 Battle QBB-95 Accuracy -1
Recoil -2
Ammo +25
Bhdagger Battle Hunting Dagger Damage +5
Later Release
Weapon Name Adjustments
Bultimax100 Battle Ultimax 100 Accuracy +2%
Recoil -5%
Rate of fire +2%
Speed reduction -8%
Bfnp45 Battle FNP-45 Damage +1
Accuracy +1%
Recoil -3%
Bqbs09 Battle QBS-09 Damage +2
Bpgm Battle PGM Hécate II Damage +400% to zombie
Speed reduction -8%
Magazine +3
Bmk3a1 Battle Jackhammer Damage ×2 to zombies
Bbison Battle Bizon Accuracy +1%
Damage ×2 to zombies
Bpython Battle Python Damage +1
Damage ×2 to zombies
Bng7 Battle IMI Negev NG-7 Damage +2
Damage ×2 to zombies


  • Technically, the weapon performance will deteriorate after many years of usage.
  • Among all of the weapons so far, the Battle Hecate is the most wanted since it deals a tremendous damage, surpassing even Thunderbolt +6's damage.
  • The texture quality of the battle weapons for classic weapons are dramatically increased with improved texture resolution.

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