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Battle Weapons or Weapon Release (Singapore/Malaysia) are the weapons obtainable through events.


Word find poster kr

Letter Find

Cs militia 20130723 1342120

Obtained the 'M' letter

These weapons can be obtained from 'Letter Find' event. The player can get random letters or numbers or both by playing any mode in game. The letters and numbers collected then can be arranged to form a weapon's name. The player can get one of these if the letters are arranged correctly based on their name. The letters are:

Take note that there are no limits on how many characters one can obtain a day and assign, although the maximum quantity per character is 99.

Official description

Obtain alphabets while playing the game and click all buttons to complete the word and obtain a weapon. You can obtain a Joker while playing the game, and Joker can press every button.

Release date

  • South Korea: These weapons were released on 18 July 2013.
    • Held again on 17 April 2014 with the addition of PSG-1.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: These weapons were released on 23 July 2013.
    • Held again on 9 April 2014.
  • China: These weapons were released on 24 July 2013.
  • Japan: These weapons were released on 24 July 2013.
    • Held again on 9 April 2014.
  • Indonesia: These weapons were released on 29 January 2014.
  • Singapore/Malaysia: These weapons were released on 26 March 2014.

Battle Weapons


A Swiss-made ​​hunting dagger made ​​for the hunters. This repaired version does higher damage than the original weapon.


A German semi-automatic pistol fed with 20 rounds of 9mm ammunition and equipped with full-auto fire mode as secondary fire (as fast as submachine gun, but not very accurate). Although the damage is low, its rate of fire is high.


A 12 rounds .45 ACP repaired pistol after intense battle. It does higher damage but has decreased accuracy, recoil and rate of fire.


A 30 rounds 9mm repaired submachine gun after intense battle. This variant has sightly higher damage than the original weapon but lower rate of fire, higher recoil and less accurate.


A 35 rounds 5.56mm repaired assault rifle after intense battle. It does higher damage than the original weapon but is less accurate and has higher recoil.


A 25 rounds 5.56mm repaired assault rifle after intense battle. It does higher damage than the original weapon but slightly higher recoil.


A 100 rounds 5.8mm repaired machine gun after intense battle. It has bigger magazine size, more accurate and higher rate of fire than the original weapon but it has higher recoil.


This is a German semi-automatic sniper rifle chambered with 5 rounds of 7.62 mm. It is developed by Heckler & Koch company and boasts a high firepower in every shot. PSG-1 is used by many special forces in the world.


  • Play in Bot Team Deathmatch and Zombie Scenario to receive the letter faster.
  • In Bot Team Deathmatch, make sure do not choose big-sized maps but choose simple, small maps like Roof and Gallery to get more kills in a short period of time.
  • At least 4 players are needed to make it count.

Get Joker

Joker Item
Main article: Joker Character.

You can get Joker by cash point or by killed enemies randomly, you can press any types of alphabet button with this. Caution! You cannot press the button that you have already pressed. Joker will exclude from the total number of obtained word.


Weapon Damage Accuracy Rebound Fusillade Speed reduction
Bhdagger 20 (Primary)
70 (Secondary)
N/A N/A High (Primary)
Low (Secondary)
Bglock18 23 (Semi)
18 (Auto)
66% (Semi)
41% (Auto)
0% (Semi)
22% (Auto)
86% (Semi)
92% (Auto)
Busp45 35 68% 40% 85% 0%
Bmp5 24 69% 14% 91% 0%
Bgalil 27 79% 19% 91% 5%
Bfamas 27 90% 20% 91% (Auto)
88% (Burst)
Bqbb95 26 78% 24% 90% 12%
Psg1 98 89% 56% 65% 15%



Counter-Strike Online - Battle Weapon(Hunting Dagger)02:36

Counter-Strike Online - Battle Weapon(Hunting Dagger)

Counter-Strike Online - Battle Weapon(FAMAS)02:12

Counter-Strike Online - Battle Weapon(FAMAS)

Counter-Strike Online - Battle Weapons(Galil & USP45)03:08

Counter-Strike Online - Battle Weapons(Galil & USP45)

Counter-Strike Online - Battle Weapons(Glock & QBB-95)03:23

Counter-Strike Online - Battle Weapons(Glock & QBB-95)

Counter-Strike Online Battle Weapons(MP5)01:49

Counter-Strike Online Battle Weapons(MP5)

CSOL 精英騎士PSG-1試玩01:55

CSOL 精英騎士PSG-1試玩


  • These weapons are known as Wolf Weapons in Taiwan/Hong Kong.
  • Only PSG-1 is not a rebuild weapon.
  • There are some parts have been rusty and cracked which are clearly seen for every weapons.

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