Battlefield Supply
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Battlefield Supply Interface
Effects Provides one determined and random reward daily
Cost to buy
Date added N/A

Roulette lobby icon

The Battlefield supply is a feature which provides random items to player on a daily basis.


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Old Battlefield Supply

The old Battlefield Supply provided 4 items and one of them would be chosen. When the player clicked on Draw, the roulette would start spinning until an item is selected. Only 1 draw daily. Should the player fail to draw for a day, the progress would reset back to day 1.

If the player logged in for 5 days continously, an additional draw would be provided on that day.

After the interface was restructured, the additional draw was removed but players can still obtain one of the four items provided, with the addition of the different daily rewards provided according to the number of days (maximum of 7) logged in.

For obvious reasons, players will nearly always receive the lowest valued item.

Attendance reward

The fixed rewards usually comprise Normal Enhancement Kits, Durability Materials and duration-restricted weapons, with different regions having their own provisions.

During events, the contents would change including the roulette's. For instance, rare sightings include tens of Mileage Decoders or a hundred Votekick tickets.

November 2016 Update

Battlefieldsupply 2016

As of November 2016 update in South Korea, the battlefield supply is upgraded to have until 25th day where the player can get TURBULENT-7 for 700 days (aka 2 years). The random reward is removed.

The new system does not need the player to login everyday to get the prize. It is not continuous and the player only receive the prize when they log in that day.

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