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  • Ihavecripplingdepression

    Hello fellow players of Counter Strike Online

    As a starter of this blog post i am doing, I recently joined the Wiki due to some much needed editing of the CS:GO article found in this wiki.

    I am training to be a CSGO Esports player one day and it seems like some of the users here have no to little knowledge about CSGO, so let me have the honor of giving you a basic "Kick-up" of how many differences does CSGO have on the Asia-Exclusive, Counter-Strike Online (1 & 2)

    First off, There are NO Female Characters in CSGO, now. you might ask "Why would they remove the near Scantily-clad beauties and waifus from ever participating in glorious combat?!?!" Well, you see. The Western FPS genre is particularly focused on Storyline and Realism. So that's th…

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  • Epicskunk

    Hello All!

    February 1, 2017 by Epicskunk

    As you might know, I recently joined this wiki.

    Well... Maybe not recently, but whatever...

    I'm here to help all of you when it comes to questions, so if you have any questions, or things you didn't understand in the wiki, be sure to ask me. I will try to help you guys if possible.

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  • JPPang

    Red Dragon Cannon new image

    January 18, 2017 by JPPang

    from jp official site  Is it the Summoner class for pso2?

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  • Dark Knight and Paladin

    Happy New Year 2017, all players CSO, CSO2, and CS:NZ...! XD

    Hopes in 2017:

    • We can more better to play and also have exellent connection internet to play... :D
    • NEXON not make crazy event again or some ridiculous things... XP
    • All players who don't have targeted weapon (especially Magnum Drill XD), in 2017 will get it soon XD
    • All Decoders must resold with cheap price... XD

    Also for all Admins, thank you for all works to give information about update patch, weapon stats, and others into this Wiki :D

    -Dark Knight and Paladin

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  • JPPang

    SANDBOX MODE is Coming to CSO

    December 23, 2016 by JPPang

    video upload

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  • Dark Knight and Paladin
    1.  Its power is equivalent to anti-zombie weapon SKULL and JANUS
    2. Also very effective in places like ducts on the map Assault and Abyss 2
    3. To enable Crow Reload System, no need to wait for the first runs of magazine and reloaded. When the early rounds, you just need to remove one bullet and reload. Wait for the chance to kill the zombies come and use deadly shot without fear!
    4. If you do not believe my words, you try to make it or look for these weapons succeed
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  • DeNoobGaming
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  • SuperSayaKiller

    All the information is from CSOL/China

    Admins add this to the wiki, i dont know good

    how to use this wiki.


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  • Ehsan123


    July 5, 2016 by Ehsan123

    I don't have any idea :( so I just only fun fact like CSO patch.

    • Held Close Beta Test (CBT)
    • Added all CS 1.6 and CSCZ maps
    • Added all CS 1.6 weapons permanent
    • Added CS 1.6 factions

    • Added Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and Basic modes
    • Added CSO factions
    • Fixed some bugs:
      • Increased HE Grenade damage
      • Deleted Shield in CT

    • Added shop and craft system
    • Added some weapons (point weapon)
    • Added limit mode
    • Added Annihilation mode:
      • Added Dust2A, Another Episode and Gallery maps
      • Play twice times in Annihilation mode to get FN SCAR H and XM8 Sharpshooter permanent
    • Fixed some bugs:
      • Added some HUDs
      • Fixed in scope AWP

    • Added Mission system
    • Added some medals
    • Added Warehouse map
    • Fixed HUD in bomb mission

    • Held Open Beta Test (OBT)
    • Renewal lobby and create room
    • Added Free Update and Grievan…

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  • DeNoobGaming

    My name is DeNoobGaming. I have been a long time Sonic the Hedgehog and Counter-Strike fan since I was only 8 years old. You may think I was too young for such shooting games, but as long as I haven't commit any real life murders yet, it's still OK for me to play lol.

    Anyway here's my history of Counter Strike:

    2004: Created Steam account and faked age to buy CS and started the franchise. Username: noobplayer. 2007: Bought CS: Source. Username: noobplayer. 2010: Registered an account to play CSO SG/MY. Username: noobplayer. 2012: Bought CS:GO. Username: noobplayer. 2015: Steam account lost due to Valve's security holes that allowed hackers to steal it. Stopped playing Counter-Strike for a while. 2016: Registered an account to play CSOVN. Us… Read more >
  • Golden TFGVNXP

    Hi,i am Golden TFGVNXP.

    I play CS for 11 years(Start play in year 2005) :) I am fan and pro of CS games:)

    My username in CS 1.1 : Gacon,Playered.

    My username in CS 1.6:GXP,Gun XP,Gun XPD,gun xp zombie plague 24/7,Kevin,Steel,DON.

    My username in Half life:Ploper.

    My username in CS:CZ:Yazen,Yojky.

    My username in CS:S:Leetest,Dustinet.

    My username in CS:GO: Salamer,UiToMaTa.

    My username in CSO Vietnam: TFGVNXP,SysteMeeTest.

    My username in CSO 2 China : Samtor.

    I am very love CS games and Half Life too:)

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  • Ehsan123

    Level ranks (Indonesia)

    January 16, 2016 by Ehsan123

    There is Level Ranks for Indonesia version.

    Level Up EXP
    Recruit 13800
    Private 36710
    Private First Class 66110
    Corporal 102830
    Sergeant 144240
    Staff Sergeant (1st tier) 181510


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  • AlreadyJoined

    Well,this is my first blog.I just want to know about 2 clan/family.there are IIAmicusII and LavaZza.i just a little bit curious with that both clan/family.because their name make an apperance in a map,de_sanctuary.As you know,this map has a lot of easter egg.maybe this is one of new discovered easter egg.So,this is the story:

    A week ago,i extracted de_sanctuary map to CS CZ.Then.i played it.when i played it,there was 2 strange symbol or logo.A little bit curious about that logos,i sprayed a spray on it and the spray color became darker than the original color.after that,i decided to be a spectator to see what's behind that logo texture and i found 2 clans name:Amicus and LavaZza.i dont know where those clan came my opinion,they were…

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  • Ehsan123

    This is a re-new patch from Counter-Strike Online

    • Held Close Beta Test (CBT).
    • All Weapon Classic include to inventory.
    • Released all map Counter-Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero.
    • All Character classic include to Inventory.
    • Updated Original and Basic.

    • Added shop.
    • Added some weapons into the shop.
    • Updated Bot into Original.
    • Added Cash point.

    • Updated Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch mode (include Bot mode).
    • Updated Clan system.

    • Fixed some bugs in Clan system.
    • Added some weapons into the shop.
    • Discount 10% to buy cash weapon.
    • Event 100% EXP and POINT to all maps.
    • Adopt C4 Countdown, Votekick, Damage Display, Channel Chat and Display Killer.

    • Held Open Beta Test (OBT).
    • New Character include to Inventory.
    • Added Weapon limit.
    • Added AWP Battle, Sniper Battle, Knife Battle, …

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  • Thieu.t.hodinh

    I don't know more this weapon. Please explain !

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  • Zero527


    I want to make ZM 4 Guide to CSN:Z but its hard for me to make decision to start creating because i never do this in past

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  • Eara Lorelei

    Just as what the title says . Are these following weapon still have its "bug" ability besides Cso Indonesia Server?

    SKULL 9 , Green Dragon Glaive , Hammer

    Please write at the comment below following the server you guys are playing

    Thank you

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    October 29, 2015 by PHOENIXofBLOOD

    Is a good hackshield replacement exelent from GM´s CSN:Z now envolve. :)

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  • Da F2P Scout

    My first blog "post"

    October 23, 2015 by Da F2P Scout

    So this is a blog post. I don't know why I did this. I'm probably an achievement hunter. Okay, fine, I am. Is that bad? Probably not.


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  • Zero527

    ZM4 changes

    October 16, 2015 by Zero527

    Zombie HP Re:Make
    Time Normal Zombie  Light Zombie Heavy Zombie Night Stalker Spin Diver
    Day 4 000 3 000 6 000 7 000 5.000
    Night 6 000 4 500 9 000 10 500 7.500
    Day 8 000 6 000 12 000 14 000 11.000
    Night 12 000 9 000 18 000

    21 000


    Zombie Skill Changes
    Light Zombie Heavy Zombie


    Jump Height


    Quake skill Distance

    Night Stalker - Fly Skill If stalker fly automaticaly have enabled crouch

    I want to change additional health increase to 50 % Zombies should get normal buff They should be more dangerous in Night

    -Increase additional health from 20 % to 50 %

    -Add bonus to Speed and knockback resistance increase 10 % (For standart zombies only on Night)

    -Add bonus to Defense + 10 %(Night Only)

    Skill Key
    Kick E

    Critical Shot

    T or midlle mouse


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  • Alb3rtusja

    CSO Weapon Restriction

    October 13, 2015 by Alb3rtusja

    Just Like the picture says.... How About it Guys, if this system being implemented in ALL CSO REGION?

    Any Vote or Comments Below...

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  • Thieu.t.hodinh

    BUG IN HIDDEN CITY MAP !!! I'm the first man to discover this !!! :v

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  • BlackedSun


    September 5, 2015 by BlackedSun

    AsherReborn here~

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  • Golden TFGVNXP

    If you shot Kraken body when it is final form will dont have damage to the Kraken.

    You have to shot to the Kraken eye when it is open.

    Carefull, that eye can shot the laser can deal damage 150 per second.

    The eye can shot laser long at 10 second.

    If you want to laser have lower damage, this is you have to do :

    - Hold : Ctrl+Shift+A+S.

    Barlog-XI and Thanatos-7 shot to the Kraken eye will dont deal any damage to the Kraken so you have use another strong gun.

    Kraken is too far and high so you cant use melee to kill that boss.

    This is the tip to kill Kraken when it is final form.

    Good luck to kill that boss.

    Good bye.

    See you later.

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  • Golden TFGVNXP

    You have to use Thunderbolt to kill Frozen Terror fast.

    Because Thunderbolt can bug to the Frozen Terror.

    This bug can deal more damage.

    This damage can deal 50,000 ~ 200,000.

    You can use Thunderbolt to kill Frozen Terror fast or use the gun have a lot the damage like Thanatos-7.

    Thanatos-7 can deal 100,000~300,000 per shot.

    Good luck to kill Frozen Terror.


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  • ConTraZ VII

    • Patched Original, Basic, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Gun Deathmatch
    • Released all non-zombie maps
    • Adopted all weapons except AZ weapons
    • Patched Free Update

    • Patched Zombie Original and Bot Zombie
    • Released Abyss, Big Tree and Metro
    • Adopted MG3
    • Patched Zombie Upgrade

    • Patched Zombie Mutation
    • Released Abyss 2
    • Adopted M134 Minigun
    • Unleashed Light Zombie, Heavy Zombie, Psycho Zombie, Voodoo Zombie

    • Patched Zombie Hero
    • Released Abyss 3
    • Adopted SL8, Dual Infinity, Katana
    • Held Upgrade Event
    • Unleashed Deimos, Ganymede

    • Patched Zombie Scenario
    • Released Lost City, Double Gate, Trap
    • Adopted HK23E, M79 Saw Off, M60E4

    • Released Last Clue
    • Adopted SKULL-7
    • Introduced Advanced Decoder
    • Added all costumes, LE characters, Coded Box characters, Gold Weapons, Premium Weapons into Coded Box …

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  • Ehsan123

    My Meme's Picture

    July 5, 2015 by Ehsan123

    This is my meme's picture. It's only to FUN FACT aka FRESHING. From out of topic to Counter-Strike Online.

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  • Ehsan123

    CSOnline (Re:run)

    June 23, 2015 by Ehsan123

    • Held Close Beta Test
    • Events 2x EXP and POINT to all maps
    • Add all Counter-Strike 1.6 maps
    • Add a several weapons

    • Add all Counter-Strike: Condition Zero maps
    • Patch shop
    • Events 3x EXP and POINT to all CZ maps

    • Held Open Beta Test
    • Login to get All Weapons Set permanent
    • Patch Basic, Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch modes
    • Add Camouflage, Dazzling, Roof, Gallery and Port

    • Add SVI Infinity, AMT AutoMag V, Winchester M1887, Thompson M1928 and another weapons
    • Add Pistol Set, Shotgun Set, SMG Set, Sniper Set, Assault Rifle Set and Machine Gun Set in shop
    • Add Industry and Industry2 amps
    • Login to get FN SCAR H and XM8 Sharpshooter permanent

    • Add Formidable Uniform Package (Vigilante Corps and PLA) set
    • Add Hunting Dagger and Balisong weapons
    • Add Knife Battle mode
    • Add Champion …

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  • 2PayCG


    May 1, 2015 by 2PayCG

    I just edit picture. I didn't upload this photo but at list it had been upload. (...)

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  • HappyRin

    My name HappyRin!!

    April 27, 2015 by HappyRin

    My Youtube Channel:

    To leave my Youtube channel :).

    If I knew what I had to say it :).

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  • SirMantovani

    Hello, everyone.

    I downloaded the new CSO2 China version, but when i will start the .exe appear a update bar and when go to 1% appear a Error in chinese.

    i don't know what is.

    Appear 2x the error and close the launcher.

    Need help!

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  • Ehsan123

    This is pro and contra about Free Update (my opinion):

    • Free all classic Weapon (plus Balisong, Hunting Dagger, Daewoo K3, Nata Knife, Hammer and AT4)
    • Free all Zombie Mutant character
    • Free all Skill zombie
    • Fixed Deimos and Ganymede
    • Reorganize K3 and Promotion reward
    • Added PVP VGUI Improvement Update
    • Added Achievements
    • Change Combat Blueprint
    • Added Perfect Pick Recipe
    • Renewal all mission
    • Update Battlefield Supply
    • Removed all Weapon's Level Restrictions
    • Fixed SKULL-9
    • Removed all zombie set
    • Renewal Craft

    • Removed all weapons in Shop
    • Removed Bloody Blade
    • Very hard to get permanent (use Duration Extender to 1000)
    • Buy Perfect Pick Recipe + Combat Blueprint with cash
    • No free to Zombie Darkness


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  • SmileyEverywhere

    CAUTION:This blog doesn't give a good channel of CSO in youtube.This blog just gives A channel for 

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  • VitalNormal

      So i was on facebook (OH GOD NO) and I checked CSN:Z's facebook ( and i saw SEA-BOX on their picture which looks like a pirate box but since Sea and C sound exactly the same i guessed its the C-Box... Michaela, Raven, Enzo and Lucia confirmed??? BUT SERIOUSLY C-BOX!

    TL:DR (you must be lazy) C-BOX IS CONFIRMED!

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  • XxgrimraperxX

    zboyzz get his acc hacked.

    all of his weapons were disassembled because he lend acc.

    now he's trying to chat with me and saying that he want to borrow my acc -o-

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  • UncommonChicken

    [ZS] Zombie Scenario Boss Guide [From my own experience]

    Do you feel stressed or angry when fighting those annoying bosses who keep killing you over and over again,causing you not to get an S rank?Then this may guide might help you!


    Neid and Zavist[The bosses in Envymask]

    HP:Neid and Zavist :1.6 million HP each , 3.2 million HP together.

    Neid[The one with the swords]

    List of Attacks

    1. Slash(A simple slash attack.Neid will turn a little before slashing upwards)
    1. Double Blade Slash(Similar to Slash, Neid will just do a dual blade attack)
    1. Double Dash Slash (Neid will charge at you and then do a double blade slash)
    2. Dash.Kick.Jump Slash(Neid will first Dash at you then Kick you into the air, then she will jump and Slash)

    Attack 1 is easily avoidable by just mo…

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  • Vampjrehunter

    Reminded pages

    January 13, 2015 by Vampjrehunter

    Create this to remember which pages need to be edit in future:

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  • ConTraZ VII

    Dean Amx's Collections

    December 23, 2014 by ConTraZ VII

    This is my collections of maps and weapons skins. Enjoy~

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  • Vampjrehunter

    Images links

    December 16, 2014 by Vampjrehunter

    I create this blog for quick searching of images.

    Thanks to Athener who gave us these links. U did a great job.

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  • Ehsan123

    If it can Offline/LAN server in CSOnline, I will play it. This is a dream of a patch.

    • New all Weapon from CZ
    • New all Faction from CZ
    • New all Map from 1.6 and CZ
    • New Original and Basic modes
    • Update CZ system
    • Add Infinity, Anaconda and AutoMag V

    • Update buy shop system
    • Add M1887, USAS-12, MP7A1, K1A and Kriss
    • Held MP7A1 upgrade system
    • Held Kriss upgrade system
    • Held NAR system data

    • Fixing NAR system data
    • New option room system
    • New Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch modes
    • Add M14 EBR, TAR-21, StG 44, QBZ-95B, L85A2, HK416, FNC, AKM, SCAR and XM8 Carbine
    • Held SCAR upgrade system
    • Held XM8 upgrade system
    • Add Roof and Gallery maps

    • Fixing new maps system, you can play with your new map
    • New Fight Yard, AWP Battle, Knife Battle and Sniper Battle modes
    • Add Ice World, Greesia, …

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  • Mizzyy


    December 6, 2014 by Mizzyy

    HI ^_^

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  • Athener

    It turned out that Counter Strike Nexon: Zombies, is 100% CSO!

    So no new excitement, just prepare to welcome some new western editors, and maybe some new information!

    Now CSO is LIVE in asian and western nations!

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  • Athener

    Le Random Pic

    September 8, 2014 by Athener

    Found these at the day of Zombie Giant's release.


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  • Uzuan

    Banners, road to fancy stuff

    September 2, 2014 by Uzuan

    As you may see I got an idea while I was bored editing some pictures and stuff. I was wondering if you guys would like images like this e.g for Spoilers in a certain section, TIPs and tricks, etc. I'll eventually might post some examples so you can look into it and see if the admin doods approve it. If you want to make a poll regarding this, then go ahead.

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  • EmoEmpire

    as the title says,a community page has been released in facebook,its for CSNZ,it got some info so here it is :

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  • Gap5838


    August 17, 2014 by Gap5838

    Hi friends, I do not edde active industrial'll do my Tsar help

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  • Gap5838

    sa arkadaşlar

    August 16, 2014 by Gap5838

    herkeze selamlar

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  • Designsnext

    I have see a post of Pcgamer who say a new game called "Counter Strike Nexon: Zombies"


    Link 1

    Link 2

    "Luxembourg, 7th August 2014: Nexon Europe is pleased to announce the arrival of the undead to one of gaming’s most iconic licenses, with the news of a Q3 2014 release of Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies on Steam. The free-to-play game will be available for players in Europe, North America, Oceania, and the CIS region, and will be serviced in English, German, French, Italian, Polish, and Russian."

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  • HightechBoard


    August 7, 2014 by HightechBoard

    Boss kill is Very easy....

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  • HightechBoard

    Narrow winged Praying Mantis?...

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