Brand Top 30 Decoder
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Give a random weapon in Top 30 list.

Brand Top 30 Decoder is an event item in Counter-Strike Online.


This is a device used to decode a Coded Box. When used, it will provide a random weapon in the Top 30 List. This item can be obtained from Battlefield Supply and some certain events.

Available weapons

These weapons are available for 7, 30, 100 days and permanent.

August 2017

  • Added TURBULENT-5, CROW-3, CROW-9.
  • Removed VULCANUS-3, BALROG-V, SKULL-8.
The List

January 2017

Release date

  • South Korea: 29 December 2016.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 3 January 2017
  • China: 4 January 2017
  • Japan: 18 January 2017
  • Indonesia/CSN:Z: 8 February 2017


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