To add the complete table of CSO2 map achievements, simply add {{:CSO2 map achievements}} in a section of a page you desire.

Achievement Name Task Tips
Ach 1 Train Map Veteran Win Train 100 times
Ach 2 Dust2 Map Veteran Win Dust2 100 times
Ach 3 Italy Map Veteran Win Italy 100 times
Ach 4 Inferno Map Veteran Win Inferno 100 times
Ach 5 Uprising Map Veteran Win Uprising 100 times
Ach 6 Shutdown Map Veteran Win Shutdown 100 times
Ach 7 Militia Map Veteran Win Militia 100 times
Ach 8 Prodigy Map Veteran Win Prodigy 100 times
Ach 9 Nuke Map Veteran Win Nuke 100 times
Ach 10 Aztec Map Veteran Win Aztec 100 times

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