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1 round away.
- SG/MY description
Cake Grenade
Shop Price

Available Upon Login

In-Game Price



Inflict blast damage with Birthday Cheer.

Room restrict limitfragheCake grenade is a special grenade, available during the anniversary of Counter-Strike Online.


Cake Grenade is released to celebrate the anniversary of Counter-Strike Online. It has the same function as an HE Grenade.


Cake grenade was given to the players in the first anniversary date of these respective region on:

  • Singapore/Malaysia: 24 October 2011 (30 days for free).
  • Indonesia: 1 August 2012 (30 days for free).



Equip sound


Explode sound


  • Ever since its 4th anniversary, Counter-Strike Online does not release numbered cakes anymore.
  • Even the poster shows the 7th anniversary cake with number 7, it still uses the common model in game.

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