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Cash point or simply cash is an in-game currency in Counter-Strike Online and Counter-Strike Online 2 that can be bought only with real world currency.


Cash point are used to purchase cash items such as weapons, sets, characters, and other various items from the in-game store. Items bought are either for a limited time or permanent. Unlike game points, cash can only be obtained from real world currency. Players can top-up via electronic transaction or physical scratch card. These scratch cards comes in packs of different value. During certain events players may top-up of the same value, and receive half or double more of the value added.

There are different currencies for each region and they are:

  • Singapore/Malaysia - iCash/Cash
  • Indonesia - MI-Cash
  • Japan - Nexon Points (NP)
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong - GASH/Everkids point/樂豆點
  • South Korea - Nexon Cash
  • China - 游戏币
  • Turkey - Nexon Cash (EU)
  • Vietnam - Gold/Vàng

MOL (Money Online) can also be used to buy iCash. To do this, just go to any retail outlets (such as 7-Eleven) and ask the cashier for MOL (of course you must tell how much you want such as 20RM of MOL). Once the cashier gives the receipt containing the information, go to and read the instructions given.


  • Singapore/Malaysia - 10.00MYR is equal to 3000 Cash points.
  • Korea - 10000 NEXON Cash in equal to 9.3 Real U.S dollar.
  • Indonesia - Rp 100,000 is equal to 110,000 MI-Cash (115.000 MI-Cash when Top-up bonus active).
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong - 100.00MYR/ 40SGD equals 1000GASH/ Everkids point.


Top Up Event

The Top Up event is an event where the player will obtain in-game gift after top-upped a certain number of cash.

Taiwan/Hong Kong

Cash ammount Prize Duration
1500 GASH Waterpistol Permanent
6000 GASH Psg1 Permanent

Cash ammount Prize Duration
6000 GASH Zombidoctor Permanent

Cash ammount Prize Duration
1000 GASH Zombiednoweapon 30 Days
5000 GASH Coschnflagback Permanent
8000 GASH M1887gold gfx Permanent

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