Room restrict classicmodeRoom Restrict: Classic Battle is a custom submode in Counter-Strike Online.


In this submode, the players can only use classic original weapons. Those weapons are:

New Classic Restriction

After the 12 June 2014 update of South Korea, the classic battle system is now expanded, there are new options for choosing.

New Classic

Room restrict newclassicmode This is a new submode which expands the variety of weapons allowed.

Basically, when the room applies the new classic restriction, the players are unable to use limited edition weapons like SKULL, BALROG, JANUS, THANATOS, VULCANUS, Bingo and Letter Collecting Event weapons.

Classic (Flashbang Forbidden)

Room restrict classicmodelimitflashThis is the combination between Classic Battle and Flashbang Forbidden submodes. Basically, the gameplay is similar to Classic Battle, which only allows classic original weapons, except Flashbang.

New Classic (Flashbang Forbidden)

Room restrict newclassicmodelimitflashThis is the combination between New Classic and Flashbang Forbidden submodes. The gameplay is similar to New Classic, which allows more weapons, except Flashbang and other limited edition weapons.


  • The old classic mode is useful for players who like classic Counter-Strike gameplay.

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