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Advanced Code Decoder
Buy icon
Effects Decode a Code Box
Source Btn store@n


Cost to buy Singapore/Malaysia
700 Cash (1 unit)
3500 Cash (5 units)
4900 Cash (10 units)

Taiwan/Hong Kong
29 Cash (1 unit)

Date added Singapore/Malaysia
8 September 2011

4 September 2013

Advanced Code Decoder is a cash item in Counter-Strike Online.


Since 26 March 2015 update of South Korea, The Code Box icon is removed. Now all Advanced Code Decoders can be used without Code Box.

Advanced Code Decoder is an item needed to decode a Code Box. This item is available from the Shop. Otherwise, it can also be obtained from events.


(Event) Advanced Code Decoder


A device which decodes the box code to open it. The (Event) Advanced Code Decoder will expire at midnight (00:00hrs) and removed from inventory. (Event) Advanced Code Decoder has the same value as the non-event version of the Code Decoder of its type, however it does not provide any numbers if the player participates in Bingo event.

CS Online - Advanced Code Decoders secret (UPDATE)02:32

CS Online - Advanced Code Decoders secret (UPDATE)


  • In Singapore/Malaysia region, this is the only decoder available to decipher the Code Box.
  • After the 26 March 2015 update of South Korea, the Advanced Code Decoder now can be disassembled through Craft system. Each Decoder when disassembling will result in 1 Mileage Code Decoder. Players can use this trick to collect Mileage Code Decoder for Bingo event.
    • For other regions, this decoder is replaced with Mileage Code Decoder directly.

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