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Commander-Z (prefix zc) is a PvPvE (Player vs Player vs Environment) mode in Counter-Strike Online 2.


This is a mode where the players will be divided into two groups: Humans and Zombies.


Defend the zombies and avoiding traps set by the mastermind(s) to complete the given mission (depends on each map). The human characters are played in first person mode.


Spawn zombies and booby traps from above by controlling the mouse to annihilate all surviving humans. There are various types of zombies that you can spawn.


18 February 2016

In this update, some new features were added:

  • New zombies: Bombard and Worker zombies.
  • New system: Laboratory Enhancement.

Players are able to enhance skills through My Info tab. The skills can be upgraded by collecting points, obtained by playing Commander-Z or Zombie Crush modes. The skills are available for both Human and Zombie team. Select the appropriate skills to upgrade, based on your playing style.

  • Skills can be applied up to three.
  • The skills are only available in Commander-Z.

Compatible Maps

Zc trainyard 02 Institute1




Counter-Strike Online 2 China Trailer - Commander Z, TAT, M9901:42

Counter-Strike Online 2 China Trailer - Commander Z, TAT, M99

Counter-Strike Online 2 - Commander-Z - Nexon Official Trailer00:42

Counter-Strike Online 2 - Commander-Z - Nexon Official Trailer

카스온라인2 좀비커맨더의 귀환00:32

카스온라인2 좀비커맨더의 귀환

Counter-Strike Online 2 Commander-Z Gameplay(Human)24:47

Counter-Strike Online 2 Commander-Z Gameplay(Human)

Counter-Strike Online 2 Commander-Z Gameplay(Zombie)06:18

Counter-Strike Online 2 Commander-Z Gameplay(Zombie)

Counter Strike Online 2 - Commander Z Mode - Trainyard18:34

Counter Strike Online 2 - Commander Z Mode - Trainyard



Old icon which is the same with Zombie mode

  • Before replacing by the current icon, this mode used the same mode icon with Zombie mode.
  • Commander-Z mode was hinted weeks before its release, which the "Commander" keyword was part of the URL. It is speculated that the Zombie Mode could be replaced by Commander-Z before either one would be officially released.
  • The mastermind (boss) heavily resembles the Heavy zombie & Juggernaut from its appearance.
  • The beeping sound of the exploding zombie is taken from the Left 4 Dead's pipe bomb, another game from Valve Corporation.
  • This mode is based on the unofficial Zombie Master mode from Counter-Strike: Source.

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