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This is an assault rifle fed with 50 rounds of .50 BMG specialized in high accuracy and deadly damage. It causes great damage to zombies and has zoom function enabled for more accurate shooting.

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Speargun 6

This is a weapon for fighting against undeads. It knockbacks the enemy and explodes. After shooting, the spear can be exploded right away. It is used as a primary weapon. Knockback will be effective only in Zombie Mode or Zombie Scenario Mode.

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Plasmagun 6

Plasma Gun is a futuristic assault rifle fed with 45 rounds of plasma shells. Although the projectiles move slower than bullets, the damage is massive. It uses the powerful energy of plasma and destroys everything in sight. Its secondary fire activates the scope.

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Etc Fun Facts


Did you know that...

  • could get in-game money by spamming HE Grenades in the old version of Zombie Scenario?
  • ...Double Barrel can knock zombies far away on inclined planes?
  • ...MG36 Christmas Edition still shares its bullets with other 5.56mm machine guns even though the ammunition is actually snowflakes?
  • ...Voodoo zombie can negate the afterburn effects after using his "Healing" ability?
  • ...female characters will blink their eyes when they die or perform melee attacks?
  • ...Neid is a German word while Zavist is a Slovenian word, both meaning "Envy"?
  • cannot refill OICW's grenades and VULCANUS-7 rockets?
  • ...there is a secret grave under Greesia map which refers to a Nexon map builder that died while making the map?
  • ...only one type of decoder is released in China, Singapore/Malaysia and Indonesia?
  • ...the THANATOS Series has been superceded by the VULCANUS Series although the former has not release its complete weapons lineup?
  • ...SKULL-2 is the only SKULL weapon that does not released in Craft?

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