Damage Display
Buy icon
Effects Show damage done by the player after dying or after killing another player
Source Btn store@n
Cost to buy Indonesia
20000 points (3 days)
60000 points (10 days)
160000 points (30 days)

10000 points (10 days)
23000 points (30 days)

10000 points (10 days)
23000 points (30 days)

Date added CSN:Z
27 November 2014

26 March 2015

Damage Display is an item in Counter-Strike Online.


This item will show the damage done by the players after the player dies or kills another player. It also provides statistics where the attack hits (head, chest, etc).

After the Free Update patch of South Korea, this item is now available to all players as a default item for Original and Deathmatch modes, and it has been improved. The number of shots and where it landed are reported specifically after the player died.

Players however still need to buy Damage Display from shop in order to use them in Zombie Modes.



Snapshot 20131216 1127280

Damage Display obtained via Ice-breaking event

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