Damaged Rex Equipment
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Effects Combine with Operational Map, Andrey's Diary and Phobos' DNA to get Dr. A's Trunk.
Source Double Gate
Cost to buy N/A
Date added

Damaged Rex Equipment was a special item in Counter-Strike Online.

This item is no longer obtainable after the Zombie Scenario Re:boot patch.


The players can get this item by completing all the 20 rounds in Double Gate in Normal or Hard levels. This item can be combined with Operational Map, Andrey's Diary and Phobos' DNA to receive Dr. A's Trunk.


After the fierce battle in Lost City, the survivors found two well-protected survivors and called them out. The survivors ran away with the Rex Equipment. Seeking for the mystery, they finally found the equipment but it was hardly damaged and now prepared for the second battle after hearing the shrieking of the zombies came from far.

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