DeathDeathmatch is a game mode in Counter-Strike Online.

Tooltip deathmatch


In the original Counter-Strike, Deathmatch is a custom mode, which is unofficial. Deathmatch returns as an official game mode in Counter-Strike Online.


In Deathmatch, there are no teammates. The players who joined the Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist will still fight against each other to gain the highest score. This mode has continuous respawns and will not stop until the highest score is achieved, depending on the game setting.


  • Due to a bug in info_player_deathmatch, a player might respawn on to another player which causes both of them to not be able to move until either one of them kills each other.
  • Player can see the health of other people in the same team.

Available maps

Oilrig icon

Assault icon Estate icon Italy icon Militia icon Office icon Camouflage gfx

Aztec icon Cbble gfx Dust icon Dust2 icon Inferno icon Nuke icon Train icon Truth gfx Rex gfx De turkey cso De wintershelter cso De mirage cso

Ae gfx Port gfx Ruin gfx Moonlight gfx Industry2 gfx Dm warehouse cso Bzm farero cso

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