Host Deimos in Vertigo
AliasesMini Phobos
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14 April 2010

30 November 2011

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26 March 2015

System namedeimos

DeimoszbDeimos is an advanced AI controlled zombie type in Zombie Scenario mode. It appears as a playable zombie in Zombie: The Mutation, Zombie: The Hero and Zombie: The Union.



After Free Update, this zombie is available free to use for all players.

Deimos makes its debut in Zombie Scenario chapter Chaos and in Zombie Infection afterwards. This zombie type has a strong skin that gives it a high stun and knockback resistance. It can emit a [Shock] wave-like attack that can forcefully take away the targeted human's primary weapon (or secondary weapon if the human didn't have a primary). This ability has 7 seconds cooldown for Host Deimos and 15 seconds for lesser ones in Zombie: The Hero.

It has 4000 HP in Zombie Scenario and serve as a mini boss.

After the Zombie Mode Rework patch, it gets a [Healing] skill, which regenerate a certain amount of HP when activated.


  • Shock ability is very reliable in neutralizing frontline entrenched players
  • Able to heal injuries


  • Easy to be spotted and shot due to its big model and large hitbox, especially in the head
  • Hero/Heroine are immune to the Shock ability (except the secondary weapon)


-Shock: Emits a wave that forcefully drops the weapons wielded by the targeted human and stuns him/her.

Zombie Type Shock Distance (m) Cooldown Time (s)
Host 150 7
Lesser 70 15

-Healing: restores a certain amount of HP.



  • Use [Shock] ability wisely. Aim for the human that uses the most powerful weapon.
  • It's not recommended to use the [Shock] ability against the Hero/Heroine as their weapons (except the secondary) cannot be dropped. However, it still can be used to sabotage their movement for awhile.
  • If you use the [Shock] ability on the opposite zombie team in Zombie: The Union, the target won't be able to attack for a short period of time.
  • Remember to heal when your HP is low.


  • Always be careful when facing Deimos. Switching to melee weapon can still drop the players primary/secondary weapon. You can try facing upwards or sideways to avoid getting your weapon drawn away too far. This is useful specially in places like in the ducts of Assault.
  • Keep moving constantly to prevent being hit by the shock wave.





  • Deimos is named after one of the sons of Ares and Aphrodite in Greek mythology and one of Mars' moons. The name means dread in Greek.
  • Lesser Deimos shares the same model with Ganymede, which makes them quite indistinguishable.
  • There is a bug where sometimes the sting trail becomes white instead of yellow.
  • In a Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies pre-Free Update patch, Deimos was not sold with Deadly Shot. That ability was packaged with Ganymede instead.
  • After the Zombie Mode Rework patch, its movement speed and jump height have been ​decreased slightly.
  • Its Zombie Grenade's draw animation alongside Ganymede is by far the most identical to humans' basic Grenade draw animation.
  • In the past, Deimos and Ganymede had a hitbox bug, where by turning rapidly left and right while crouching, would make their body hitbox impervious to hitscan weapons, but can be countered by explosives and melee weapons. This is fixed after the Free Update patch.

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