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Dione front view
Level AppearedToxicity
Health and Abilities
StatusWounded, Escaped, Evolved
System namezbs_bossl_big03

Dione is a non-player character in Zombie Scenario Season 2. It appears in chapter Toxicity and Culvert.


After successfully defeating the new reptilian boss Dione, players will receive Dione report file in Toxicity (Note: this item cannot be obtained anymore after Zombie Scenario Re:boot. Instead, the players will receive the new ones). In Culvert, from round 4 to 8, Dione will attack the players. Then it evolved to Siege Type Dione at round 9. It's also appeared in round 3 of Poisoning. Defeat it to advance to round 4.

Later, Dione becomes a playable character for Zombie team which can be controlled through third-person-view in Zombie Giant mode.

Fighting Dione

Unlike previous bosses, Dione's moves can easily be spotted and dodged if a player clearly understands its' motions. Senior Researcher Soy also tells the players Dione's next attack. During the early battles, Dione's attacks are less damaging and are of nearer range. However as its health continues to deplete, its attacks will be more deadly and widespread. Players will have to observe that:

  • When Dione starts pounding on the ground, black spots will appear on the ground nearby, resulting in tentacles protruding from them sooner. Players that are caught will be tossed upwards, losing health from both the tentacle, followed by fall damage.
  • Dione has two type's of pounding attacks, one of it is once he stab the ground his tentacle will instance appear from the ground and damaging player's if they are on top of it. As for the second type, when Dione stab the ground 7 times (two stabs = 1) his tentacle will not instance appear but the area that the tentacle cover a large in the mean time find a spot to avoid the tentacle's.
  • Whenever Dione uses one of it's pounding attacks, players are able to avoid the tentacles by crouching (hold ctrl) and moving either front or backward. However, you must be aware of surrounding zombies, as they would block your path.
  • When Dione starts swaying its head and moaning, there's a 3-4 seconds leeway to take cover, preferably after 180 degrees from its line of sight. After that, it will spew out a far range wave of toxic which will damage or kills players if they failed to take cover.
  • Dione's weakness is located at the chest spot (and probably the head). Shooting other parts will only chip off its life bar.
  • Dione has the ability to curl up and roll to another spot, often dealing high damage or even killing players in most cases if they're in the way. Try not to attack with melee, especially when its health drops below half.
  • Dione's circular motion swipe has a chance to disarm players' weapons if they're within its radius.
  • With correct timing, it is possible to avoid Dione poison by jumping.

Recommended weapons

AT4CS Skull3 Skull5 M249ex gfx Balrog5


Zombie Giant

Tooltip zombiegiant 052

In Zombie Giant, Dione was accessible as one of the 3 playable zombies, all his skills is accessible, and new dying animation is also created because the Zombie Scenario version didn't have it since Dione escaped after defeated.

Unlike Revenant and Fallen Titan which gained a new skin upon evolving, Dione simply turned into Siege Type Dione after evolving, and gain access to his fourth skill, which can summon an Angra to support in battle.

Skill Table

Icon Skill
Zg skill dione01 on Rolling
Zg skill dione02 on Poison
Zg skill dione03 on Tentacle
Zg skill dione04 on Summon Angra (Evolution Skill)


Honor mission

Title Description Task
[Dione Pursuer]
Gentleman, forget about all of your field knowledge and any pursuit methods you know! These knowledge would be useless against a mysterious wildlife creature. Rely on your six senses should you hope to achieve a victory! This is available in Pursuit: Toxicity. This is only available in rooms with 4 players and above, easy stage is not included. Defeat Dione for 100 times.


艾恩葛朗特 隼雷速刷劇毒06:51

艾恩葛朗特 隼雷速刷劇毒


  • Dione is named after the Greek Goddess (Greek mythology). It may also named after the Saturn's icy moon.
  • Dione is one of the bosses that does not appear from a gate. It appears from the top of a waterfall instead.
    • He also appears on the walls opposite of the main door in his intro appearance in Poisoning, instead of using the main door.
  • If the player stand in the spot where Dione lands, the player will get crushed.
  • This is the only boss that did not die after his health is depleted completely. Dione was just wounded and he escaped successfully to evolve.

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