Dual Sword Phantom Slayer
  • Phantom Slayer
  • 極道滅殺


Added since

South Korea
21 September 2017

6 December 2017


Premium Top 50 Decoder

Price in match


Base damage

Very High

Rate of fire
  • Medium
  • Very High
  • Very High
Percentage speed reduction


Knockback Power

Very Low

Stun Power


Secondary fire / Modes

Dualsword desc

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Dual Sword Phantom Slayer is the third melee weapon introduced under Transcendence Series.


This item is obtainable from Premium Top 50 Decoder.

In order to destroy the evil that makes the world go astray, these dual swords, which are infused with huge power, are able to take them down. If the special trigger conditions are met, the feast unfolds.


  • Extremely high stun power
  • Very high damage in all modes
  • No speed reduction
  • Can kill multiple enemies at once
  • Secondary fire has the highest ROF of all melee weapons
  • Farthest attack range of any melee in special mode


  • Obtainable only during the event period
  • No knockback at all
  • Cannot be enhanced yet

Release date

  • South Korea: 21 September 2017.
  • Indonesia: 6 December 2017


  • To activate the "special attack", the wielder must combine its attack in the right order which is LMB>RMB>LMB>LMB>RMB click.
    • The maximum range of the special mode can reach is 5 meters
  • Since this weapon doesn't have or has very little knockback power, be careful of using it.
  • The yellow sword (B mode) does 4 slashes in a quick succession, which is optimal for stunning. The blue one (A mode) does 2 slashes with a lower rate of slash, used for dealing actual damage.
  • This weapon is also suitable in normal matches such as Team Deathmatch in Knife Battle, use the special mode to kill opponents easily.
Zombie Hero
  • The special mode is active for 10 seconds, that means it is great for killing enemies. Combine it with Deadly Shot for a devastating output.
  • Never face a Heavy zombie alone, considering it has a really decent stun reduction as his passive skill.
  • To face a horde of zombies, spamming the B mode is not recommended since it has low stun power and the rate of slash is low. Use A mode instead.
  • There is a slight delay after using both modes.
    • Even in special mode, there are delays too. While activating the Sword Feast and after the Sword Feast ends.
    • To eliminate these delays, emote cancelling (J+3, hold left or right click) can be used, or quickswitching (Q twice). Whichever is faster depends on the user.
  • Red Dragon Cannon and Magnum Lancer are some of the best primaries to use with this. Huge damage and stun followed up by powerful stabs with A mode. Stun Rifle is also good to be paired with.
Zombie Scenario
  • Use its special mode to clear out hordes of zombies.
  • This weapon is a great barrier-breaker. It deals tremendous amount of damage using any of its three modes.
  • Not recommended facing unreachable bosses such as Angra, Kraken, Chrono Wing.
  • There is a bug when the user can spam B mode extremely fast, by holding right click and pressing F2 rapidly in buyzones. This bug also happens with Warhammer Storm Giant.



  • May : Seen in posters.



  • This is the first dual-wielded melee weapon under Transcendence Series.
  • When either sword impacts any wall or enemy, rose petals and cherry blossoms emerge. This does not happen for the radial sword flurry.
  • This is the first weapon that has a new attack style by using a combo.