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Kill Race is a game mode in Counter Strike Online 2.


This is a deathmatch-oriented game play, which means that there are no teammates. The players will compete to achieve the targeted score or to attain as many frags as fast as possible before the time runs out. As usual, dead players will respawn after 5 seconds and there is no fee required to equip the desired weapon.


Reach the highest score within the time limit.

Maps available



Counter Strike Online2 - FGT Kill race inferno gameplay09:33

Counter Strike Online2 - FGT Kill race inferno gameplay

카운터스트라이크 온라인2 - 킬레이스 모드 라이벌 조건00:26

카운터스트라이크 온라인2 - 킬레이스 모드 라이벌 조건

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