Events/SD: Zombie Scenario
Type Sub-Mode
Time range 14 days after the implementation of each region
Description Inflates the head of every characters in the game

SD: Zombie Scenario (Super Deformed) is an exclusive event in Counter-Strike Online.


It is an exclusive event and available for only two weeks after the implementation in each region. Only the host of the room is able to select this mode provided that they have Soy's SD Zombie Maker in possession. The storyline, number of rounds, number of players and the weapon statistics remain unchanged. With this mode on, it is much easier for the players to perform a headshot. Unfortunately, the characters of the players' head will also be inflated. It will be troublesome for the players as it disturbs the vision.



  • SD, short for Super Deformed, is another word for Chibi.
  • This event also applies in Bots modes.

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