Exorcism Legends
Blair fernando set
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Effects Unlocks Fernando, Blair, Silver Luger and Holy Bomb
Source Btn store@n
Cost to buy Taiwan/Hong Kong
12000 (Permanent)

460 Cash (Permanent)

Date added Taiwan/Hong Kong
26 July 2011

26 July 2011

6 June 2012

Exorcism Legends or Master of Exorcism is a character and weapon set.


The Exorcist Master package includes Fernando: The bomber equipped with the Holy Bomb and Blair: The Hunter equipped with the Silver Luger. This set is available to be bought permanently.


He is known and is widely famous for the use of his signature weapon, the Holy Bomb. Due to many successful exorcisms that he has achieved while wandering somewhere around Europe as an exorcist, he became even more famous. He even graduated from the college of theology in Spain. There are records that he died in Germany while conducting a dangerous exorcism, but nobody really believes that he is dead.

Holy Bomb

This item can only be selected and equipped by Fernando - a character in Zombie: The Mutation and Zombie: The Hero modes. This grenade contains holy water which deals higher damage towards zombies in its radius and delivers continuous damage after that.


A hunter from Ireland equipped with the Silver Luger, she has gained fame as a troubleshooter for an unofficial incident. However, she has disappeared without a trace when she reached the peak of her fame. A horrible rumor about zombies were suddenly spreading around the mainland of Europe after she went missing, leading the people to believe that her disappearance is related to the zombie outbreak.

Silver Luger

This item can only be selected and equipped by Blair - a character in Zombie: The Mutation and Zombie: The Hero mode. The silver luger is an exclusive item which can only be used by Blair. It has been specifically created to kill and hunt zombies.