An origin Ganymede in Cobble
AliasesDeimos Evolution
Siege Type Deimos
TeamZombietype deimos2zb
Date addedChina
12 January 2011

30 November 2011

19 January 2012 (Zombie Scenario)

4 December 2013

5 November 2014

26 March 2015

System namedeimos2

Deimos2zbGanymede or Metus or Siege Type Deimos is a playable zombie character in Counter-Strike Online exclusive to Zombie: The Mutation, Zombie: The Hero and Zombie: The Union. It appears as AI-controlled mini-boss in Zombie Scenario.

After the Free Update patch, this zombie becomes a free default faction in all player's inventories.

Zombie Infection



Screen graphic effect when using the skill

The Ganymede has the same speed and strength as Deimos except its skill.

Its charging skill allows it to break through enemy fortifications easily by nullifying any stun received from enemy gunfire at the cost of movement speed.

It is also harder to be knocked back but not as hard as the Heavy zombie. When falling from the upper level to the lower level inside the warehouse of Assault, it does not receive fall damage.

After the Zombie Mode Rework patch, the 'Hardening' skill is added (5 by default), which regenerates Ganymede's lost armor points.

Zombie Union

Ganymede has 3000 health points and 400 armor points (3500 health points and 450 armor points with Strong Lifepower). Ganymede's skill not only increases its speed, stun resistance and defense but also increases its damage by 100%. This damage increment stacks with 3x Damage, giving him a whooping 6x Damage if both skills are used at the same time.

Zombie Scenario

Ganymede was introduced the first time in Cube as a mini-boss. Later, it appears in most chapters of Zombie Scenario. It has 16,000 HP.

It also appears in extra chapters as the boss in Round 2, which has 100,000 HP. The players must defeat it to go to Round 3. Ganymede can do rush skill, similar to Phobos. Its skill can kill the targeted human with just a dash.





  • Ganymede is the purple colored skin of a Origin Deimos with some extra thorns on the shoulders.
  • Ganymede has the same DNA with Siege Type Phobos.
  • Ganymede (Deimos) means "dread" and was the personification of terror. He was the son of Ares and Aphrodite and the twin brother of Phobos in Greek mythology.
    • Ganymede is also a name of a Jupiter's moon.
  • In Indonesia region, it is called as "Metus".
  • The dash skill, however, can only be used by AI-controlled Ganymedes in Zombie Scenario.
  • In Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, before the Free Update, Ganymede was sold in a package with Deimos, instead of Bloody Blade.
  • There is a bug with Ganymede's hitbox where if he is in ducts or when "ducking" and rapidly turning, players will be unable to damage him as if its hitbox doesn't exist, but still can be injured with explosives or melee. This bug is shared with Deimos and was fixed after Free Update patch.
  • After the Zombie Mode Rework patch, its defense has been increased, while the movement speed and jump height have been decreased slightly. The 'Rush' skill also no longer requires an amount of HP to be used, and will sacrifice movement speed for stun resistance.
    • Before the Zombie Mode Rework patch, Ganymede's skill allowed it to move as fast as a berserking Regular zombie, except that it had a higher knockback resistance when using the skill.

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