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Gun Deathmatch is a game mode in Counter-Strike Online based on a custom game mode in Counter-Strike, Gun Game.

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Based on Team Deathmatch, this mode only has one extended round. When starting the game, the players are given strong weapons. If the player kills a certain amount of enemy, weaker weapons are given and so on. The last weapon is Glock 18. If the player managed to kill an enemy with Glock 18 the player will be able to get the HE Grenade. If he/she uses it to kill an enemy, the match will be over and his/her team will be chosen as the winner.

Compatible maps

These are the maps available:

Dm bunnyyard cso Dm parking cso

Industry2 gfx Suzhou gfx Gallery gfx Checkmate Rats gfx Bzm farero cso Dm warehouse cso Fy iceworld cso

Assault icon Italy icon Estate icon Camouflage gfx

Inferno icon Dust2 icon De mirage cso

Weapons arrangement

Gun death

Weapons wielded will be changed to the next weapon after killing 2 ~ 4 enemies, depending on the level. In total, you will need exactly 60 kills to get max level.

Level Kills Weapons
1 4 M4a1 icon Ak47 icon
2 4 Sg550 gfx G3sg1 icon
3 4 Tar21 icon
4 4 Aug gfx Sg552 gfx
5 4 M16a4 An94
6 4 Awp
Icon svd cso
7 4 Icon scar cso Icon xm8 cso
8 4 Famas icon Galil icon
9 4 K1a Icon usas cso
10 4 Mp5 Mp7a1
11 3 Icon m3 cso M4 icon
12 3 Icon m249 cso
13 2 Scout gfx
14 3 P90
15 3 Deserteagle Elites
16 3 Tmp icon Mac10
17 3 P228 Fiveseven
MAX - Icon glock + He grenade icon

Level Kills Weapons
1 4 M14ebr icon
2 4 Mg36 gfx
3 4 Tar21 icon
4 4 As50
5 4 Stg44
6 4 Xm2010
Barrett m95
7 4 M24 gfx
8 4 Icon vector cso
9 4 Thompson gfx
10 4 Stg44
11 3 Icon m1887 cso Ksg12
12 3
Hk23 gfx
Mg36 gfx
13 2 Scout gfx
14 3 Icon vector cso
15 3 Icon anaconda cso Dualinfinity gfx
16 3 Infinity black icon
17 3 Infinity silver icon
MAX - Icon glock + He grenade icon

Level Kills Weapons
1 4 Blockar gfx Guitar
2 4 Thunderbolt Savery rifle icon
3 4 Ethereal Sfgun
4 4 Newcomen Needler Tempestsmg
5 4 Gatling
6 4 Ak47gold gfx M4a1scope icon M4a1gold
7 4 F2000 gfx M14ebrgold
8 4 Oicw Violingun
9 4 Watergun gfx Usas12camo
10 4 Mp5tiger gfx Tmpdragon
11 3 Ksg12g gfx Dbarrelg M1887gold gfx
12 3 Aerolis MG36G Avalanche
13 3 M400 gfx Trg42g Sl8g
14 3 Thompsongold P90lapin
15 3 Dartgun Cyclone Deserteagleg
16 3 Mp5g gfx-0 K1ase gfx
17 3 Musket Waterpistol Lugerg
MAX - Catapult + He grenade icon

Level Kills Weapons
1 4 Ak47paladin M4a1darkknight
2 4 Sg552buff Buffaug
3 4 Sflaser Coilmg Blockmg
4 4 Laserminigun Sfgun Tempestsmg
5 4 Guitar Violingun
6 4 Plasma Stunrifle
7 4 Reddragoncannon Cannon Cannonm
8 4 Chainsaw Rockbreaker
9 4 StarchaserSR Savery rifle icon
10 4 Buffawp Trg42g Powerfalcon
11 3 Sterlingbayonet Blocksmg
12 3 Gatling Mk3a1se Blockas
13 2 Python desperado Cyclone
14 3 Pesticidesprayer Airburster gfx
15 3 Bouncer Batista Tbarrel
16 3 Dual Infinity 3 M950attack M950
17 3 Musket Catapult Dartgun
MAX - Tknifeex2 + He grenade icon


  • South Korea: 22 March 2012.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 27 March 2012.
  • Japan: 4 April 2012.
  • Singapore/Malaysia: 4 July 2012.
  • Thailand: 31 January 2013.
  • CSN:Z: 23 September 2014.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.

Related items

Lucky Gunman

Main article: Lucky Gunman.

This item can be purchased for cash. It increases the percentage of the player to receive cash weapons during Gun Deathmatch gameplay.


Honor mission

Main article: Medal.
Title Description Task
Allroundsoldier[Weapon Specialist] Gentleman, you cannot be a true soldier if you are only good at using one weapon. Take up the challenge in the Gun Deathmatch and show your ability with each individual weapon. Can only achieve in a room for more than 8 players. Kill 1000 enemies with assault rifle, 500 enemies with submachine gun, 400 enemies with sniper rifle, 300 enemies with machine gun, 200 enemies with shotgun and 100 enemies with pistols in Gun Deathmatch mode.


Crazy Gun Deathmatch - China Official Trailer

Crazy Gun Deathmatch - China Official Trailer

【Trailer Video】 Counter-Strike Online - China 《Gun Deathmatch Trailer》

【Trailer Video】 Counter-Strike Online - China 《Gun Deathmatch Trailer》

Trailer CounterStrikeOnlineThailand - Gun Deathmatch!

Trailer CounterStrikeOnlineThailand - Gun Deathmatch!


  • Gun Deathmatch is based on a reversed Gun Game mode which means that players progressively get weaker weapons. This means that players with lesser kills/late joiners may have a chance against the higher weapon level players as they have stronger weapons.
    • Gun Deathmatch is a misnomer, as it is a team-vs-team game mode, instead of a player-versus-everyone mode. In most standard and reversed Gun Game modes, players are usually pitted in a Deathmatch background.
    • Unlike the traditional Gun Game mode, committing suicide does not reduce the player's level, and knife kills do not instantly level up the player.
  • The Steyr Scout only needs 2 kills to proceed to the next level to balance the difficulty.
  • In the Indonesian region, at level 6, they changed the M95 with a WA2000.
    • On another note the XM2010 wasn't released officially around the initial stages of the mode, yet players could spawn with it.
  • Machine guns only appear once in the game at level 12 for 3 kills making it very hard to achieve 300 kills with machine guns for the Weapon Specialist medal. Even with Lucky Gunman, the chance of getting a MG36 at level 2 is very low.
  • Getting a multi-kill at the last kill before a weapon level up will count as a kill for the next weapon. This is can be noticed most likely with sniper rifles.
    • Getting a knife kill decreases the required frags to proceed to the next weapon. This was most likely done for the Crazy Event update since it is difficult to achieve a kill with the Dart Pistol.