H2O or Water is a type of cartridge in Counter-Strike Online. Its properties and statistics are the same with the ammunition 9mm Parabellum.


The weapons that are chambered with H2O:

Waterpistol Monkeywpnset2

Watergun gfx



  • Despite that the H2O, 9mm AHE and 9mm are different cartridges, weapons that use either three of the cartridges will share the same ammo pool.
  • In later updates, the HUD for Sha Wujing Dual Handgun was changed, which shows "H2O2" instead of "H2O". The main difference is, "H2O2" can be shared with .45 ACP, while "H2O" can be share with 9mm AHE and 9mm, as mentioned above.

External links

  • H2O at Wikipedia.

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