HE Grenade
Hegrenade s
Cash pointN/A
Game pointN/A
Price in match$300
Used forInjures enemies
System code'

Room restrict limitfragheHigh-Explosive Grenade or simply HE Grenade is an explosive grenade in Counter-Strike series and Counter Strike Online 2.


HE Grenade does different damage depends on the range of the victim and the location of the explosion. The closer the victim, the more damage dealt. Any obstacles between the victim and the explosion will reduce its damage. The explosion can injure victims behind an obstacle making it possible to kill enemies which aren't visible to the player.

HE Grenades are very useful to damage enemies nearby a corner. It bounces upon obstacles when it is thrown. To throw further with the grenade, aim at about 45 degrees angle. It is possible to throw grenades above walls in some maps making it a very surprising attack to the enemy.

It is also noted that it can instantly kill a player bearing full health and armor if he or she gets too close to the explosion.


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