Room restrict limitsniperThe G3 SG/1 is a Terrorist-exclusive semi-automatic sniper rifle in Counter-Strike series and Counter-Strike Online.


The G3SG1 is a 7.62mm semi-automatic sniper rifle which does high damage. It is a modification of the well-known G3 rifle.

After the Free Update patch, this weapon becomes a free default weapon in all player's inventories.


  • Very high damage
  • Good accuracy
  • Still accurate even when not using scope
  • Low recoil for a sniper rifle
  • Great bullet penetration


  • Low magazine capacity (20)
  • Accurate only after several shots
  • Heavy weight
  • Expensive ($5000)
  • Purchasable only for the Terrorists





Mode Buy cost Ammo cost Total
Original $5000 $240 $5240
Scenario $5000 $1600 $6600
  • A 20 rounds of G3 can deal 1400 ~ 2800 damage to zombies.
  • This gun can penetrate more than one zombie in Zombie Scenario, so it's recommended in Lost City.
  • In Zombie Mods, find a safe place to camp first, then equip the weapon. Like the Duct in Assault, cliff in Militia, and many others.

Tactics facing G3SG-1 user

  • Use sniper rifle and hide somewhere but shoot accurately.
  • Flank the user if you do not have any long range weapons.
  • As a G3SG-1 user can kill an opponent with just 1~2 shots, the opponent must have good skill and time to kill them before they get killed.
  • Stay calm and never retreat when facing G3SG-1 users as they can do wallbang to kill the retreating players.
  • Lower their health with HE Grenade first if you have one.
  • Throw a flashbang or use Smoke grenade and strike the users.

Comparison to SG550

Sg550 gfx


  • Higher base damage (+9)
  • Shorter reload time (-0.3 seconds)


  • Same rate of fire (83%)
  • Same speed reduction (18%)


  • More expensive (+$800)
  • Lower clip size (-10)
  • Higher recoil (+4%)
  • Less accurate (-7%)


  • This rifle is extremely popular in Counter-Strike series due to its easy use and high damage, which may result the user to be frowned upon by other players.
    • Cheaters (especially wallhackers) and new players favor this weapon in all regions because of reasons above. Same goes with its counter-terrorist counterpart SIG SG550.
    • Players who use this weapon in game can be kicked out of the room. Also happens to its counter-terrorist counterpart SIG SG550.
  • Some Counter-Terrorist Bots may pick this weapon up during sniper-only Original matches.



Firing sound

Reload g3sg1

Reload sound

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