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Heavy zombie

Origin Heavy zombie

AliasesFat zombie
Butcher zombie
OriginOrigin: Uncle Dai
Host: Infected male citizens
1200 + Hammer

Taiwan/Hong Kong
64 + Hammer

Date addedSingapore/Malaysia
1 June 2011

6 May 2009

7 August 2013

23 September 2014

System nameheavyzombie

HeavyzbHeavy zombie is a non-playable zombie in Zombie Scenario but becomes a playable zombie in Zombie: The Mutation, Zombie: The Hero, Zombie: The Union and Zombie: Darkness.



An abomination created by Dr. Rex, this zombie is code-named as 'Heavy type'. This specimen is excellent for breaking humans' defensive line since they are more resistant to their attacks. The Origin Heavy Zombie has the ability to install a device on the ground which sabotages the movement of the human who's caught in it.

Heavy zombie is purchasable through Merciless Destruction set, which also purchases the Hammer.


  • High resistance against stun and knockback power
  • Moves faster in tiny areas like in ducts
  • Can release a trap to ensnare his targets
  • Absorbs less damage from enemies


  • Low jump height
  • Easily being hit due to large body
  • Slow movement speed in general
  • Easy to being head shot

Zombie Scenario

Trap s Zombie s

Heavy zombie appears in all chapters of Zombie Scenario.

Heavy zombie appears in the finishing rounds in the chapter Lost City. Traps are used in the several last rounds. In normal stage, they appear as green-skinned Heavy zombies which are able to throw Zombie Grenades.

Crusher-type Heavy zombies (blue-skinned) appear in the finishing rounds in the chapter Double Gate. They are hard to be killed even with SKULL-9 and does high damage to the gates and humans.

Heavy zombies appear in the Chapter Trap. In the finishing rounds, Crusher-type Heavy zombies will appear.

Heavy zombies will start to appear after the player has destroyed the barriers in the first round in the chapter Last Clue. In the second round, heavy zombies will be released after one minute to assist Phobos.

Heavy zombies appear in the Chapter Chaos as a normally spawned zombie.

Crusher-type Heavy zombies will appear after the players have destroyed the barriers.

Only Origin Heavy zombies appear in this map and its Trap ability is used to ensnare unlucky humans.

Zombie 4: Darkness

Zombietype z4heavy
  • New sounds has been added for him in Zombie 4: Darkness as well as a new appearance.
  • In Zombie 4: Darkness, the heavy zombie has the ability to stomp the ground, and also increase his defense (more stun resistance) and reduce knockback (more knockback resistance) but at the cost of mobility. However, he loses his 'Trap' ability.


Zombie Infection


Becoming a Heavy Zombie

  • Turn around and move backward in ducts to face humans.
  • Engage a camping human with ease due to high knockback resistance.
  • Set traps in common areas where humans pass by or need to.
  • Crounch might reduce the possibility to being headshot due to the hit-box bug.

Facing a Heavy Zombie

  • Take advantage of its big body size.
  • Do not stay stationary whenever you face them as common projectiles have little effect on them.
  • Check for nearby traps whenever you move.

Zombie: The Union

  • Heavy Zombie has 2700 health points (3200 with Strong Lifepower).
  • Heavy Zombie can ensnare both Humans and Zombies of the opposite team. Any target that fell onto his traps will aside being unable to move, have their health reduce as they are still there.


Zombi death heavy 1

Dying sound

Zombi death heavy 2


Zombi heal heavy

Healing sound

Zombi trapsetup

Setting up sound

Zombi trapped

A male human is ensnared by the Trap zombie

Zombi trapped female

Ditto, female version


  • There is an image of a baby face on the Host Heavy zombie's stomach. However, for the Origin Heavy zombie, the baby turns into a 'trap zombie' and is used to trap humans.
  • In the Heavy zombie's body, there is a small sign showing "Copyright [2007] NEXON & Valve Corporation. All Rights Reserved."
  • In Singapore/Malaysia region, there is a bug where player can own Heavy zombie permanently. The bug is still not fixed yet.
  • In the view model, the hands of this zombie are the same as the hands of the Psycho Zombie, but it's fattened.
  • The Zombie 4: Darkness model of this zombie appears in Omen chapter as a decoration, alongside other Zombie 4: Darkness's zombies.

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