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FunmodeHidden is a fun mode in Counter-Strike Online.

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Once again, Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist must co-op to face a new enemy called the Joker (Mr. Hidden in some versions). This mode is only playable in its exclusive map, Harlem (Hidden City in some regions) with a maximum of 10 players in a match.



This is a Team Deathmatch-based mode but with humans vs Joker. In a round, a player will be randomly chosen as the Joker. The Joker is nearly-invisible on the start and loses his stealth after a few seconds. He is completely visible when attacking and will regain his invisibility when he successfully killes a human. He is only armed with a staff. In addition, he has high moving speed and jump, 300 health points and 100 armor points.

For humans, the humans must annihilate the Joker. The player that succeeded to kill the Joker will become the next Joker.

In this mode, money is not needed as weapons can be selected for free (similar to Deathmatch modes).

The match ends when the number of kills meets its target or the game reach its time limit, similar to Deathmatch.

New Update

As of 4 December 2014 update in South Korea, the Hidden is renewed with new items and rules.

  • More than one Joker can appear in game: beside the main Joker, who is half-invisible, another player will be chosen randomly to be the extra Joker.
    • The extra Joker is disguised as a human. Furthermore, their movement speed, jump height and health points will be increased to match as the original Joker, but slightly inferior. This encourages players to keep moving and be aware of their surroundings more than before.
  • Jokers have a Hidden Bar to show the time. When the bar runs out, another random player will be chosen.
  • Humans can detect the main Joker when turning on the flashlight or by picking up the Hidden Detector.
  • Supply Boxes were added.
New Supply Box Items
  • Sprint: Move faster than usual and replenishes players' ammo.
  • Health Up: Doubles the default health points and will be restored continuously whenever their health is below 200.
  • Critical Damage: Boost player's attack power.
  • Hidden Detector: Shows the Joker's location in the radar.
Hidden Reboot - China Official Trailer01:06

Hidden Reboot - China Official Trailer

CS Online - The Hidden Reboot14:04

CS Online - The Hidden Reboot

CSO New Hidden Mode REBOOT!04:34

CSO New Hidden Mode REBOOT!



  • Two primary attacks are needed to kill a human while only a single secondary attack is needed, but it's slower than the primary.
  • Do not swing the staff too much as it will reveal yourself.
  • Do not get close to smoke because your invisibility can be revealed easily.
  • Strike from behind with secondary attack.
  • Do not be greedy to kill humans. If the camping spots have 3 or more people, do not eliminate them if they already spotted you.
  • Hit-and-run is the best tactic as a group of alert humans can easily spot and kill the Joker.
  • AT4CS is the best weapon if player has been selected as Joker to make additional kills, this bug only works if he/she aims correctly to other players a second before he/she turns to Joker.
  • Since Fun mode Re:boot, players can replenish the time of the Hidden Bar by killing humans with the secondary attack. Take into account that the attack is slower than the animation itself, so master its use before engaging humans. 
  • Original Jokers' secondary attack cannot take out multiple targets at once, any other nearby human will be sent flying away upon killing the targeted one. 
  • Disguised Jokers still will possess their weapons, but the only way to annihilate the humans is with their melee weapon. Moreover, it does not matter what melee weapon they are wielding as one hit is enough to finish them off, so it is recommended to use melee weapons that can harm multiple targets at once. 
  • Disguised Jokers' name will be rename so players can not easily spot them. However, as they remain using their human player model, it is more likely to be easy to spot as you can see them while respawning or they killed someone else. 


  • Humans are not recommended to stick together as Joker can camouflage into any human, take care of yourself don't believe anyone. Notice the surrounding, report to your team if spotted the hidden.
  • Original Jokers are nearly invisible, not fully. Use flashlight for easy detection, however, don't use the flashlight too long as it will run out of energy.
  • Snipers are recommended if all of the humans has hold each of their position. M82, M24 and XM2010 are recommended because they are accurate when move-while-firing. However, they are weak when the Joker is close enough.
  • Shotguns are also a threat to Joker if they can shoot while reloading, such as Benelli M4, SPAS-12 Superior and UTS-15. Moreover, they deal high damage too.
  • Beware that the Joker's attack range is quite far so keep a distance.
  • If you can't see the joker clearly, just spray the map with a high ammo capacity machine gun. Automatic sniper rifles are also recommended.
  • AT4-CS is recommended because its rocket can chase the Joker. However, its damage will decrease over range and the rocket's homing ability is limited.
  • BALROG Series are recommended: BALROG-VII and BALROG-III for their explosion damage, BALROG-III for its high rate of fire upon activating Balrog Charging System, and BALROG-V for its high damage.
  • See the minimap on top of your screen to help you track the Joker.
  • When a player becomes the Joker, listen carefully to his night vision goggle being turned on. This helps you to predict the location of the Joker.
  • Both original Joker and disguised Joker have high stun resistance to weak or normal weapons, look for higher stun weapons such as SKULL-5, SKULL-7, Gatling, etc.
  • Predict the movement of joker as there will be more than 2 paths for a joker to run.

Compatible maps

Hd harlem cso

Release date

This mode was released on:

  • South Korea: 8 December 2011.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 4 January 2012.
  • China/Japan: 4 January 2012.
  • Singapore/Malaysia: 19 December 2012.
  • Indonesia: 16 January 2013.
  • CSN:Z: 23 September 2014.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.


Title Description Task
Hiddenchaser[Hawk Eye] Gentleman. Have you ever deal with an invisible target? Do not worry as you still stand a chance of winning the battle, if you have sharp eyes with an excellent pursuit skill. (Available to achieve in above 4 people room) Kill 3000 Jokers in Hidden mode.


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Counter-Strike Online - Fun Mode Hidden Trailer00:48

Counter-Strike Online - Fun Mode Hidden Trailer




  • This mode is based on a Half-Life 2 modification called The Hidden: Source.
  • This mode resembles to a custom mod in Counter-Strike called as Ghost Mod. It is a bomb defuse mode where the Terrorists can only use knife but invisible. This mode is officially released in Counter-Strike Online 2 as Stealth mode.
  • After the Fun mode Re:boot, few features were already spotted in the promotional video for it such as the fact that the Joker can now disguise himself as a human.

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