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Hide and Seek Cube is an official PvP fun mode in Counter-Strike Online 2.


This is a Hide and Seek gamestyle mode where Taggers and Props compete with each other by leveraging skills from the cubes around the map.

Players acquire skills by touching the cubes at random places. The cubes contain a variety of skills, such as motion sensors, stealth, sprint, ice trap, etc. The skills can be acquired by a maximum of two, both Tagger and Prop teams can use the skills.

Release date

  • South Korea: 23 July 2015.
  • China: 29 July 2015.

Compatible maps


Hide and Seek Cube (Counter-Strike Online 2)

Hide and Seek Cube (Counter-Strike Online 2)

Hide n Seek renovation (CSO2)

Hide n Seek renovation (CSO2)

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