Hound zombie
Hound zombie
Hound zombie
AliasesDog zombie
OriginStray dogs
Date addedAlongside Angra Nest
System namedogzombie

Hound zombie is a zombie appearing in Angra Nest and later chapters.


Hound zombie moves in a high speed and has small size. It can move as fast the player and can chase the player as well as bite them. This zombie must be on the high priority list since it can take a huge chunk off the player's health from its lunge and make the player vulnerable to other zombies. However, they are relatively weak and easy to be eliminated. A howling sound can be heard when it appears.


  • It is recommended to annihilate them immediately if you spot them. Area-of-effect weapons such as Black Dragon Cannon or BALROG-XI's secondary fire is recommended, as players do not have to look down to hit them.
  • Be careful when facing this zombie because it runs extremely fast and will slow your movement speed.


Zombiedog attack1

Attack sound

Zombiedog attack run

Ditto, while running

Zombiedog death1

Death sound

Zombiedog death2


Zombiedog howls


Zombiedog hurt1


Zombiedog hurt2


Zombiedog idle


Zombiedog jump


Zombiedog run


Zombiedog walk


Zombiedog skill1

Skill usage


  • Hound zombies were former police dogs that were used by guards to locate intruders.
  • It is interesting to note that it is able to withstand harsh environments (such as being submerged in lava or toxic pools), which can be observed in Memories.

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