Ice Breaking is an event in Counter-Strike Online.


There are three types of ices available: Full Ice, Cracked Ice and Fragmented Ice. Get various items using the perfect ice that is paid after game connection during the event!

How to Participate
  • When accessing the daily game, "full ice" is paid.
  • Obtain a "full ice" for use when a higher level of "cracked ice" and you can acquire a random item of "Perfect Ice" component compensation.
  • Ice items can be reused after 50 minutes of playing time. The rating will rise to the "crushed ice" level.

Full Ice


You will get one one these if you crack the ice.

Cracked Ice


You will get one one these if you crack the ice.

Fragmented Ice


You will get one one these if you crack the ice.



  • This event is similar to Seed event except the user has to accumulate time to break the ice. In addition, there's a chance that permanent items are given instead of Advanced Code Decoders.
    • Unlike the Seed event, there's a probability when it comes to break the ice. In the event of a failure, the reward from that stage will be bestowed upon the players.

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