Jiang Shi
Jiang Shi in Moonlight
AliasesChina Zombie
TeamZombietype chinazb
System namechinazombi

ChinazbJiang Shi or China Zombie is a playable zombie character in Counter-Strike Online exclusive to Zombie Mods.


Jiang Shi was a Qing Dynasty Central Officer from a foreign land long time ago. Dead and buried in the deep earth, after the wave of zombie disaster, his remains were infected into walking corpse. When paper talisman at the forehead is removed, it would give him a more powerful force.


It has an average moving speed, HP and damage. It has an ability called as Evil Dead, where the flesh of the deceased will harden, instantly improve movement speed and knockback resistance.

After the Zombie Mode Rework patch, Healing skill is added (5 by default), making it able to heal itself.


South Korea

This zombie can be obtained permanently by logging in game on 23 April 2013, until 23:59 (GMT +9).


This zombie can be obtained permanently by logging in game on 30 November 2014, from 21:00 to 22:00 (GMT +8).


This zombie can be obtained permanently by logging in game on 23 February 2015, from 13:00 to 15:00 (GMT +7).


This zombie can be obtained permanently by playing 6000 minutes of Zombie Escape (requires at least 4 players and above) during 2-week event period, starting from 30 July 2015.


This zombie can be obtained permanently by completing Math For Mileage Event for 7 times.







  • Despite of described as having rigor mortis, they are somehow able to bend their knees when crouching and swing their arms without spinning.
  • There is a custom Jiang Shi modeled for the original Counter-Strike. It is believed that Counter-Strike Online's Jiang Shi is inspired by the custom-made model.
  • Jiang Shi means "stiff corpse", or zombie in Chinese.
  • The seals/wards they wear on their head has the oft-copied 勅令 随身保命 on them which means Emperor Rescript: Comply & Live.
  • Jiang Shi, alongside Banshee and Stamper has yet to appear in Zombie Scenario.
  • When this zombie jumps, a flapping sound from its robe is heard (not by other players though).
  • In Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies this zombie can be seen as a clone in Zombie 3: Hero Divison, however, it cannot be used by the player.