Light zombie

Origin Light zombies darkness

AliasesSpeed zombie
TeamZombietype lightzb
OriginOrigin: Sarah
Host: Female teenagers
Date addedChina
22 April 2009

19 May 2011

7 August 2013

23 September 2014

26 March 2015

System namespeed_zombie

LightzbLight zombie or Speed zombie is a type of non-playable zombie in Zombie Scenario. It is playable in Zombie: The Mutation, Zombie: The Hero, Zombie: The Union and Zombie: Darkness.



After the Free Update patch, this zombie becomes a free default faction in all player's inventories.

An abomination created by Dr. Rex by using the weakest body parts, this zombie is code-named as 'Light type'. This specimen boasts fast movement and good jumping ability but is vulnerable when attacked.

The Light zombie's movement is quick making it hard to be hit, however, it is helpless when attacked by enemies and easily knocked away. It has the ability to cloak itself to avoid being seen by its enemies. However, when using the ability, its knockback resistance and movement speed decrease greatly and it won't be able to heal injuries.

After the Zombie Mode Rework patch, High Jumping skill is added (5 by default), making it able to jump higher.


  • Light zombie's model is slim-built, making it harder to be aimed by humans
  • Run faster and jump higher than most zombies
  • Has the ability to cloak itself
  • Able to perform a long range leap (Zombie 4: Darkness only)


  • Easily knocked back by most weapons
  • Slow movement speed and much lower defense while cloaking
  • Makes a loud noise when using its ability which may alert nearby humans
  • Inability to regenerate HP while cloaking
  • Has very low health points in Zombie: The Union




Sem Título-3
Zombie Type Skill Time (s) Cooldown Time (s)
Origin 10 20
Host 20 10

-High Jumping


  • Use the Bunnyhop skill to move faster and confuse your enemies.
  • Avoid direct attack as the Light zombie has low knockback resistance.
  • Reach high areas with Light zombie as she has higher jump height than most zombies. Use High Jumping skill for the best performance.


  • Attack Light zombies with high knockback weapons such as Double-barreled shotgun and TAR-21. She will be knocked away easier than Regular zombies.
  • Avoid facing a Light zombie alone as she has faster movement speed and higher jump height than other zombies.
  • Always stay alert to the sound of the activation of its [Invisibility].
  • If the Light zombie is using its [Invisibility], you can track it by her shadow on the ground by turning on the flash lights. Other ways to track invisible Light zombies are throwing Firebomb or Holy Bomb.
  • When the Origin Light zombie uses its [Invisibility] ability, it can be tracked easily because there are some red translucent blood stains on the zombie.
  • Always aim at the leg area when facing the Light zombie when she is crouching (e.g. inside vents) since the hitbox for her upper body is extremely broken.
  • Use shotguns to deal this zombie as the pellets will spread and hit her more easily. Basic shotguns such as the Benelli M3 and Benelli M4 are also effective at knocking this zombie far away, use them when you don't have better shotguns.

Zombie 4: Darkness

Zombietype z4light
  • New sounds have been added for her in Zombie 4: Darkness as well as a new appearance.
  • In Zombie 4: Darkness, upon using the Invisibility skill, her speed is greatly increased and laughs when doing so. Light zombie also has a new ability which is Leap, a jump with a higher speed and height.




  • Both Origin and Host models lack the wrist cuts.
  • The Origin model shows black wires tying the Light Zombie's fingers.
  • In Zombie: The Union:
    • Light Zombie has only 800 health points (1300 with Strong Lifepower), making it the weakest zombie alongside Banshee in this mode.
    • Using the "Invisibility" skill will increase its damage by 3× but decrease its movement speed.
    • The "Invisibility" skill stacked with the "3X DAMAGE" item will deal a whopping 9x damage.
  • If a Psycho Zombie uses the smokescreen skill while a light zombie uses invisibility, there will be a void in the smokescreen showing a shape of a transparent light zombie revealing the player (depends on video rendering settings).
  • In Zombie: The Hero, if a Host Light Zombie is using its Invisibility skill, its movement will be slower than the Origin Light Zombie.
  • Sometimes after a light zombie is killed, it makes a long exhaling sound before dying.
    • Its health regenerating sound is a shortened version of the exhaling sound.
  • During Christmas event, Light zombie players can hide behind the supply boxes due to their large size.
  • Due to Mainland China's censorship laws, origin Light Zombie is retextured so that it is less bloody. This change also affects its shop icon.
  • She alongside Sting Finger, are unable to respawn until they have finished playing their custom death animations.
  • One of its death sounds resembles the Witch's scream from Left 4 Dead, another game made by Valve.
  • After Zombie Scenario Re:boot, there is a new Throw-type Zombie which has the skin of Light Zombie and green colored. Their function is similar to Throw-type Regular Zombies, and appear in Lost City only so far.
  • The Zombie 4: Darkness model of this zombie appears in Omen chapter as a decoration, alongside other Zombie 4: Darkness's zombies.
  • After the Zombie Mode Rework patch, its armor has been decreased slightly.
  • In Zombie Tag, this is the only playable zombie type.