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Lost City

Survival: Lost City (zs_lostcity) is the first chapter of Zombie Scenario: Season 1 in Counter-Strike Online.


After the 26 March 2015 update of South Korea, the number of rounds was changed to 5 for all difficulty levels. The bonus rounds also were removed.

The spawn base is set on the center of the map. The maximum ten players must survive from the incoming zombies from four different locations. There are three levels: Easy, Normal and Hard. This game will end in 20 rounds (50 rounds for Normal) and 70 minutes (+160 minutes for Normal) with the period of time of three minutes per round. The number and type of zombies increase in each level. The amount of game and experience points that a player can get is directly proportional on the difficult level and score of each player.

Official description

It has been a month since a research group was out of contact after being sent to the city that had been isolated due to Rex Virus infection. The government dispatched special forces for investigation and they saw countless zombies in all over the city. When they were just about to report to headquarters, communication with the outside world were cut off and zombies attacked them. The surviving humans from the attacks are now preparing for the final battle.


  • Survive for as long as possible. Game only ends once either the players finished the maximum of rounds or all of them died.
  • Click the B Key to purchase a weapon/equipment.
  • Dead players will respawn in the next round (except if they possess Battle Revival, however it can only be used before the last 30 seconds of the current round), if any players survive until the end of the round.


  • Concentrate on aiming certain zombies to get maximum money back benefits.
    • Aim for host zombies for higher money income.
  • Focus on killing grenade zombies.
  • A starting money of $7500 is enough to buy certain more powerful weapons if necessary. Since K3 as the default weapon for each spawn or starting round, it is advised at least to farm few zombies before buying the powerful one.
  • From round 3 ~ 5, Juggernaut always keeps running. A constant headshot might be necessary.
  • Required some players with Petrol Boomer for halting zombies coming out from their spawn zones which causing players to be overwhelmed.


Honor mission

Mission Briefing Task
[City Hunter]
Gentleman, do you remember the day when the zombies made a city to be a perfect death ruin? The city soldiers who were against the zombies till the end have been forgotten now but, you need to continue their honor. (Easy stage is not included) Clear Survival: Lost City for 400 times.


CSO Lost City (Zombie Scenario HARD9)

CSO Lost City (Zombie Scenario HARD9)


  • From map overview, this map is built just like an inverted cross.
  • There is huge sign showing "LOST CITY" in this map.
  • There is a censored Coca-Cola promotional sign in this map.
  • The red and white striped awning is where no zombies can reach the player in this map. However, the Throw-type Zombies (green colored) can throw their grenades to knock the player away (this bug was fixed after Re:boot).
  • In the first round of Easy mode, the player that wears Kevlar suit will not receive any health damage from zombies (this bug was fixed after Re:boot).
  • This is the first Zombie Scenario map that introduces different sub-type of zombies.
  • There are 5 characters in total on two posters which appears on Lost City. They are Ritsuka, Gerard, David Black, Yuri and Choi Ji Yoon. Gerard and David appeared in both posters while Ritsuka appeared confronting the zombies as Yuri and Choi Ji Yoon appeared when David and Gerard are confronting each other.
  • After Re:boot, Throw-type zombies are featured in three ways which are: Regular Zombie, Light Zombie and Heavy Zombie. Nevertheless, this is the only map which presents the last two.
  • In the previous updates (after Re:boot), the number of rounds used to be 50 in all difficult levels.
    • After the 4 December 2014 update of South Korea, it was changed again to 20 for game balance purpose.
    • After the 26 March 2015 update of South Korea, it was changed again to 5. Instead, the completion required to get the respective medal was changed from 100 to 400 times.