Lucky Gunman
Selection icon
Effects Increase chances to obtain a superior weapon in Gun Deathmatch
Source Btn store@n


Cost to buy Singapore/Malaysia
500 cash (3 days)
1000 cash (10 days)
1500 cash (30 days)
Date added Singapore/Malaysia
31 October 2012

19 February 2014

Lucky Gunman is a cash item exclusively for Gun Deathmatch mode in Counter-Strike Online.


Lucky Gunman increases the chances of obtaining a superior weapon after leveling up in Gun Deathmatch mode by doubling the percentage of getting a superior weapon. This item is useful for the players that are unable to accustom themselves with weak weapons.



Snapshot 20130704 1455390

5 July 2013

Complete 5 matches of Gun Deathmatch in Checkmate map to receive this item permanently instead of 1 day (1D) due to bug from game.

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