Mila s
RaceElite Crew
FactionTr icon
Health and Abilities
Signature PrimaryAwp s
Date addedOPEN BETA
See Lisa for her rival.

Mila is the first female Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online 2.


Mila is a terrorist who was recruited by Leet to carry out special missions that cannot be done by men. Mila's origin is unknown, but she is obviously a beautiful woman who is nicknamed the “Red Muffler Avenger” that always get the job perfectly done.

Favorite weapons

Elites s

G3ka4 s M14ebr s

Awp s

Mg3 s Pkmfire s


G*Star 2012 Counter-Strike Online 2 - CG trailer01:37

G*Star 2012 Counter-Strike Online 2 - CG trailer


  • This character is the first female Terrorist character to be implemented in Counter-Strike Online 2.
  • There is an alternate version for this model which updates the original model with different appearance.
  • She appears as an NPC at the end of the sixth mission in Campaign mode to kill the hostage.
  • Her birthday is 2nd April (unknown year). She is also the first character in Counter-Strike Online 2 to have Birthday celebrating event.

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