Mileage Auction is an event in Counter-Strike Online.


Players are able to bid and buy weapons with Mileage Points. The highest bidders and direct buyers will get the weapon permanently.

Release date

  • South Korea:
    • 28 July 2016.
    • 29 December 2016.
    • 23 March 2017.
    • 27 July 2017.
    • 12 October 2017.
    • 14 February 2018.
    • 3 May 2018.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong:
    • 2 August 2016.
    • 3 January 2017.
  • China/Japan:
    • 3 August 2016.
    • 4 January 2017.
    • 12 October 2017.
  • Indonesia:
    • 8 February 2017.
    • 9 August 2017.
    • 22 November 2017.
    • 28 February 2018.
    • 7 June 2018.
  • CSNZ:
    • 8 February 2017.
    • 9 August 2017.
    • 10 January 2018.
    • 9 May 2018.


27 July 2017
Change List Existing Change
Change listing Top.25 Top.7 (The remaining weapons except for Top.7 are rated as normal)
Auction time Premium: 1 hour, Normal: 20 minutes All Items: 1 hour
Auction registration quantity 1 2
Property Price Related None You can check the current auction price when you register your item. (Minimum bid and immediate purchase price)
Exposure Random exposure Show only the lowest priced property
Add auction option None Added bidding / immediate purchase, reinforcement phase, and weapon name search function (only for general auction items)
Sell System None Ability to use the sales function in the system according to the probability of auction
Auction time Always available 12:00 PM ~ 12:00 AM (At the end of the auction time, the registered property is favorable)
  • Auction bidding can proceed only one.
  • General auction items are composed randomly, and you can configure a new list by clicking the refresh button.
  • Auction items can be purchased at immediate purchase price.
  • When registering the auction item, the first bid price will be included with a 30% commission.
  • If the auction item is not sold, the item will be returned.
  • Items registered in the auction can not be canceled arbitrarily until the end of the auction time.
  • The goods that you registered as an auction may be printed on the bid page.
  • When registering for sale, you can easily check actual receipt amount with "actual receipt" item.
  • Nexon stars and some recently released weapons are excluded from auction.
TOP 7 Weapons

The top 7 weapons as mentioned above are Magnum Drill, Blade Runebreaker, Storm Giant Warhammer, SG552 Lycanthrope, M4A1 Dark Knight, AK-47 Paladin and Ripper (South Korea).

Red Dragon Cannon, Brick Piece S1451, Special Duck Foot Gun and Sterling Bayonet are added as special guest items and available in normal list instead of TOP 7 list. Use the search function to find it.


  • Auction Participation Rank Restriction: Participation from subordinates can be started.
  • Top 7 Auction Items: Top 7 items of Top 50 Decoder Items
  • Auction Items: All Unlimited Weapons (Excluding some weapons)
  • Search for auction items Function: Searchable every 10 seconds
  • Auction end time: Top 7 60 minutes / General 60 minutes
  • Top.7 Auction start price / Minimum additional bid: 700 M / 50 M
  • General auction start price / Minimum additional bid: 700 M / 50 M

Special Auction

  • Transcendent Red Dragon Cannon Gold will be sold by the system, once per day at specified times, twice per day on weekends.
  • RDC Gold cannot be bought directly, and instead must be won through bidding.
  • Only 18 RDC Golds will be sold in total.
  • Bid price is uncapped, and can exceed 1,000,000 mileage.
  • RDC Gold can be resold afterwards, and is subject to normal auction rules.
  • Winning bid's mileage will be removed from circulation.


  • Before selling your weapons, click on the trend price button and search for a similar weapon in the auction list to see the current bidding and direct buy prices of the weapon.
  • Never sell too expensive because it's not going to sell.
  • If nobody bids for 700 M, it's better for you to disassemble it to get 500 M and 100 Duration Extenders.
  • Never put the bidding price over 1000 M for normal weapons since nobody will buy it.
  • For epic weapons, 5000 M ~ 10000 M is a good start bid, depending on the weapon. Never set the Direct Buy price close to Bidding Price.

Update history



CSO Weapons Auction System Introduction

CSO Weapons Auction System Introduction


  • This system is somehow similar with Steam's popular trading system.
  • In CSO Indonesia, Ripper is not available in Mileage Auction after first released on 8 February 2017.