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Zs nightmare4 cso

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Zombie scenario
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Release Date

7 November 2012

2 January 2013

20 August 2014

26 March 2015

14 December 2015


Lost City




Day (Event)

Map Textures

Camouflage, Hong Kong, Port, Lost City, Half-Life, Nightmare Events (Events)

Nightmare (zs_nightmare) is the seventh Zombie Scenario map in Counter-Strike Online.


After receiving the Nightmare key, the player would fall asleep where fearsome nightmares await.


Nightmare is a small cube-shaped map consisting of up to 10 players. The players will spawn in small areas and must survive for a certain amount of time before a boss appears. The players must kill all the zombies and bosses to pass the round and finish this map. The room host needs to have the Nightmare key to play this map.

Round Boss Origin zombie
1 Bosshp bg left jun00 new Zombietype defaultzbZombietype lightzb
2 Bosshp bg left jun01 new Zombietype defaultzbZombietype lightzbZombietype heavyzb
3 Bosshp bg left new Zombietype defaultzbZombietype lightzbZombietype heavyzbZombietype pczb
4 Bosshp bg left big01 new Zombietype defaultzbZombietype lightzbZombietype heavyzbZombietype deimoszbZombietype pczb
5 Bosshp bg left oberon new Zombietype defaultzbZombietype lightzbZombietype heavyzbZombietype deimoszbZombietype pczb
6* Bosshp bg left bearboss Zombietype defaultzbZombietype lightzbZombietype heavyzbZombietype deimoszbZombietype pczb
  • Note: (6*) This boss only appears during Special Nightmare event only.


Round 1~2

  • Kill zombies as many as possible to quickly level up heath and attack power. It's better to have them maxed as soon as possible before the end of Round 2.
  • Use any machine guns or equipment like M32 MGL, Black Dragon Cannon, Salamander to get money quickly.
  • When fighting Juggernaut, be careful with his trap. When fighting Ganymede, run around to avoid Ganymede's dash. Having a wall of zombies in front of him will stop his shoulder charge short.
  • Aim for the ramps that the zombies mainly come out to halt their attacks.

Round 3~6

  • Anti-zombie weapons are recommended such as SKULL Series, BALROG Series & JANUS Series. Grenades and launchers are also recommended to clear congested areas fast.
  • Always remember to buy Kevlar, HE Grenade, Primary weapon ammo, and upgrade Health and Attack.
  • Prioritize Health over Attack because the player would take a lot of damage in this map.
  • Use AT4-CS or Thunderbolt for faster results in defeating the Bosses.


  • When fighting Oberon, sometimes, Oberon just keeps using his Bombardment ability for about 5 ~ 6 times. When he jumps he may land on the red awning and cannot go down for several seconds until he jumps off again.
  • It's possible for Oberon to be stuck if he jumps and lands on a group of zombies.


  • Singapore/Malaysia: 19 January 2012.
  • Indonesia: 2 January 2013.
  • Turkey: 20 August 2014.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.
  • CSN:Z: 14 December 2015.


CSO Light Zombie Boss (Nightmare Cutie!)02:25

CSO Light Zombie Boss (Nightmare Cutie!)

Counter-Strike Online - Special Nightmare - China Official Trailer00:38

Counter-Strike Online - Special Nightmare - China Official Trailer

CSO Event Boss Light Zombie (Cutest boss ever!)03:26

CSO Event Boss Light Zombie (Cutest boss ever!)


  • This map consists of various bosses that the player has met and fought from Zombie Scenario: Season 1.
  • Defeating bosses in this map doesn't increase the counter of [Phobos Slayer] and [Oberon Slayer] medals.
  • This map has no appearance of Host zombies. Only Origin appears.
  • This map has no appearance of Voodoo Zombie.
  • The Special Nightmare uses the system name "zs_nightmarebear".
  • In some regions, there is a bug when sometimes, Special Nightmare only has 5 rounds, that causes players cannot face the Teddy Terror.

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