Play Room is a mode in Counter-Strike Online.


In this mode players can test the performance of weapons against AI zombies in various situation using the terminals in the first room.

Players can also use their various decoders in the next room. Should they obtain weapons that are displayed on the display stand, other players are able to use the item by interacting with it, and the winner of the said item will also earn additional mileage.

Release date

  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 23 May 2017.
  • South Korea: 1 June 2017.
  • Indonesia/CSN:Z: 11 October 2017.




  • In Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, this mode is named as "Hide-Out".
  • When any displayed weapons are obtained from any decoders, firecracker explosions can be seen on the weapon.
  • The left door in the zombie test chamber is inaccessible. If the player look through as a spectator, there is another room for the bosses. It is inaccessible probably because the work is in progress and probably will be released in the future. The video of the room can be watched here.