Power Amplifier
The power amplifier pill
Effects Set the Attack Power level to 15 in the first round.
Source Dr. A's Trunk
Cost to buy N/A
Date added

Power Amplifier is a special item in Counter-Strike Online obtainable from Dr. A's Trunk.


Zombie Scenario

Battle supplement product developed by Dr. A. Helps to amplify the attack power to kill zombies easily during the battle. This item will upgrade attack power by 15 stages in Zombie Scenario mode. Applies only in Zombie Scenario mode with starting money of $7,500. Does no effect in Hard mode.

Human Scenario


Battle supplemental product that Dr. A invented from her lab. It helps to amplify the attack power to kill Vanguard troop during the battle. This item will give additional damage to Titan, Heavy Titan and Boss. Only apply if $7500 is selected as starting money. Do no affect in Hard mode.

Zombie Scenario 2


A sample to test out an effect of Dr.A's power amplifier. This item will amplify the attack power by 5 stages when start playing Zombie Scenario mode. Only apply to Zombie Scenario mode with starting possession money of $7500.



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