Premium Decoder
Effects Get premium items from Code Box
Source Btn store@n
Cost to buy CSN:Z
$4.99 (1 unit)

9 Golds (1 unit)

Date added South Korea
25 June 2015

Taiwan/Hong Kong
30 June 2015

1 July 2015

14 July 2015

17 August 2015

26 May 2016

Premium Decoder or Supreme Decoder is a type of Decoder available in Counter-Strike Online.



This type of decoder guarantees the player a premium content from the Code Box. However, it comes with some limitations:

  • This type of decoder does not provide Mileage points (except Vietnam region).
  • The premium items obtained are in random duration (1-day ~ permanent).
  • The duration of items cannot be extended.

Unlike CSO, the Premium Decoder is also sold with cash in Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies. It also has some different features, compared to the others.

Each time a Supreme Decoder is used, there is a 85% chance to win any of the BALROG, SKULL, JANUS, Maverick series or Salamander, M32 MGL, AT4-CS, Leviathan, bearing a 70-days minimum duration each.

For the remaining 15%, the supreme version features permanent arsenals, including the Black Dragon Cannon, Ripper, Gae Bolg, Blood Dripper and other Mileage Decoder rare items.

Should the player receive a duplicate permanent weapon, 500 units of Duration Extender would be granted as a replacement.

Featured Items



  • This is the only type of Decoder that provides premium items in duration so far in Counter-Strike Online.

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