Promotion Reward
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Effects Bestows various contents upon attaining certain levels.
Cost to buy
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Promotion reward is a special item in Counter-Strike Online.


Promotion reward is given to the players who have reached certain levels. The level affects the quality of items bestowed upon opening.

For more information according to regions: 


Image Rank
Levelgiftbox1 Recruit
Levelgiftbox2 Private
Levelgiftbox3 Sergeant
Levelgiftbox4 Sergeant First Class
Levelgiftbox5 Sergeant Major
Levelgiftbox6 Second Lieutenant
Levelgiftbox7 First Lieutenant
Levelgiftbox8 Captain
Levelgiftbox9 Major
Levelgiftbox10 Lieutenant Colonel
Levelgiftbox11 Colonel
Levelgiftbox12 Commodore
Levelgiftbox13 Major General
Levelgiftbox14 Lieutenant General (I)
Levelgiftbox15 Lieutenant General (VI)
Levelgiftbox16 General
Levelgiftbox17 Marshal
Levelgiftbox18(1) Generalissimo


  • After the 18 December 2014 update of South Korea, the items were reorganized.

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