Psycho zombie

Host Psycho zombie
AliasesScientist zombie
OriginSurgeons (Host)
Doctor (Lesser)
Date addedChina
23 December 2009

23 November 2011

8 March 2012

21 August 2013

8 January 2015

26 March 2015

System namepczombie

PczbPsycho zombie appears as an AI-controlled zombie in Zombie Scenario but becomes a playable zombie in Zombie: The Mutation, Zombie: The Hero and Zombie: The Union.



After the Free Update patch, this zombie becomes a free default faction in all player's inventories.

This zombie was originally a co-worker biologist of Dr.Rex, when he was a human. He turned into a zombie in an accident, earning the nickname of 'psycho type'. Psycho Zombies has the 'Smokescreen' skill that blankets an area with thick smoke, similar to a Smoke Grenade.

This type has good base stats. The main role of this zombie is to support other zombies by suppressing enemies at distance.

  • Smokescreen: Detonates black powder to screen the surrounding area with black smoke. Friendly targets in the smoke take less damage from enemy. The Psycho zombie's health will regenerate based on the amount of damage that the smoke absorbed.
  • Healing: This skill was added after Zombie Mode Rework patch, making them able to heal themselves with a certain amount of HP.


  • Can pop out black smoke, allowing for concealment.
  • Can heal itself
  • Regenerates health when the smoke disappears


  • Due to Psycho zombie's model, it is easier to shoot it on the head

Zombie Scenario

Psycho zombies appear in all chapters of Zombie Scenario.





  • Despite becoming a Host Psycho Zombie, the hand viewmodel in first person view will still remain to be the hand of a normal zombie instead of a hook, which can be seen in a third person view of the Host Psycho Zombie model.
  • Due to the censorship of violence in the China region, altered Psycho Zombie models are used to replace the gruesome models of the original Regular zombies. This model has a red palette (see the select icon above) to differentiate it from the proper Psycho zombies.