Red Dragon Cannon

赤血龍炮 (TW/ HK)



Added since

South Korea
19 January 2017

Taiwan/Hong Kong
24 January 2017

25 January 2017

31 May 2017

13 July 2017




Lunar New Year

Recommended in

Zombie original 1Zombie scenario

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Rate of fire


Percentage speed reduction


Knockback Power


Stun Power


Magazine Size


Fire Mode



Cannon Round

Reload Time

3.0 seconds

Secondary fire / Modes

Cannonex desc Goldrdcsecondaryfire

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Cannon Cannonex 6 Cannonexgold

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Red Dragon Cannon is an equipment in Counter-Strike Online.


Previously, this item could be obtained from the Lunar New Year event, now can be obtainable via Top 50 Decoder and Top 50 Unlimited Decoder

This is a cannon that can shoot a load of fire in a short range. It can unleash a robotic red dragon that breathes a stream of fire for 6 seconds (10 seconds after fully enhanced).


  • High damage for both modes when fired in close range
  • Light weight
  • Lights up target for a short period of time
  • Good for destroying obstacles in Scenario modes
  • Can kill multiple targets at once
  • Moderate knock-back power
  • Can unleash a robotic red dragon that breath constant fires to support attack for opponent
  • Instant kill in TDM (if shot at a reasonable distance from the target)
  • Fairly quick to activate B mode (3 seconds)
  • Can perform headshot in B mode
  • Can be enhanced up 6 times


  • Effective in close range only
  • Damage decreases over range
  • Long reload time
  • Expensive price for both weapon and ammunition
  • Very hard to obtain
  • Available during limited time only

Release date

  • South Korea: 19 January 2017
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 24 January 2017
  • China/Japan: 25 January 2017
  • Indonesia: 31 May 2017
  • CSNZ: 13 July 2017

Obtaining procedure

Four cards must be obtained to get this weapon. They can be obtained by:

Card Task
Rdcc1 Login to the game.
Rdcc2 Play for 200 minutes.
Rdcc3 Obtainable from Top 50 Unlimited Decoder, Top 50 Decoder and Mileage Decoder (Bundled with Special Duck Foot Gun)
Rdcc4 Obtainable from Top 50 Unlimited Decoder, Top 50 Decoder and Mileage Decoder (Bundled with Sterling Bayonet)

Comparison with Black Dragon Cannon

  • Has secondary mode
  • Higher magazine capacity (+10)
  • Much higher damage to zombies
  • Can perform a headshot (when using with RDC secondary mode)
  • Can be enhanced
  • Same base damage
  • Hard to obtain
  • Same knockback and stun power
  • Limited range of shooting
  • Damage decreased over range
  • More expensive (+$2700)


  • To use the B mode effectively, shoot the cannon immediately after it finished charging. Late shooting will result the dragon not to fire and return to the cannon.
  • The firing range can reach up to 10 meters. Use this advantage to instantly kill, or heavily damage enemies nearby. After 5 meters, the damage drops tremendously, down to a measly 4 at furthest range.
  • This weapon does not have a true reload time. It will automatically 'cool-down' even while it's not in your hands.
  • After fully enhanced, the cannon shoot color turn into blue ice and dragon' breath duration increased until 10 seconds. Also the knockback power from it change into high stun power.
Zombie Infection
  • Always be careful with infection during the process of activating the B Mode.
  • Red Dragon Cannon is best suited against Light- and Medium-type zombies. Never solo against Heavy Zombie, Venom Guard, or Stamper, as they will likely break through your fire, unless you also have Blade Runebreaker(recommended fully-enhanced) or Dual Sword Phantom Slayer to stack additional damage.
  • A charged Red Dragon Cannon (RDC) shot combined with Deadly Shot can give 10,000+ damage in a single hit. This is one of the three weapons so far that are able to reach 10,000 damage so far in a single shot alongside fully-enhanced Blade Runebreaker and Magnum Drill.
  • A rather infamous tactic with this weapon is performed by hitting zombies with a charged Blade Runebreaker first before finishing them off with RDC combined with Deadly Shot. Alternatively, it can be used as the start to a Dual Sword Phantom Slayer combo.
  • Use a supportive secondary weapon such as Python Desperado, Calico M950 or Dual Infinity to stun the zombies while the cannon cools down.
  • Storm Giant Warhammer is also a good weapon to cover yourself upon using RDC. However, do note the presence of Sting Finger as it can infect you from far.
Zombie Scenario
  • Use B mode to fight against bosses or a bunch of high HP zombies (Crusher-type (Blue) Heavy zombie in HARD 9)
  • Its dragon breath can knock away incoming zombies from reaching you. Use this advantage to avoid the zombies from reaching the gates in Double Gate and blowing away Venom Guards.
  • Use the drop-rebuy tactic after each shot to quickly give damage to bosses. Beware, however, as this will drain your money to the point of unusability.
  • Never use it against unreachable bosses such as Kraken, Crono Wing, Angra. Its limited range is only good for clearing zombies on their respective arenas.


Cannonex shoota

Shoot sound


  • When using Red Dragon Cannon against Neid and Zavist, it would result in a very noticeable push from their standing position.
  • The released dragon would disappear if the user swaps the weapon or drop it.
  • This is the third weapon not from Transcendence Series to have a chrome effect after SKULL WC and BALROG WC and this is the third equipment weapon to have a glowing effect after Blood Dripper and Magnum Drill.
  • In Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, this weapon is only obtainable from Premium version of Top 50 Decoder directly instead of collecting letters. To obtain it, there is no need to get the Sterling Bayonet and Special Duck Foot Gun bundled with certain letters. Even though it is stated to have 3× probability to get this weapon, the chance is practically lower than other weapons in the list.
  • This weapon was not available in Mileage Auction until July 2017 update in CSO Korea. It was also available to obtain from regular Top 50 Decoder for two weeks during the event.
  • This is the second weapon having an enhanced variant that has a different color pattern than dark red after the Green Dragon Blade.
  • Based on the model file's last update date, it was planned to be released alongside Magnum Lancer in January but postponed until April to be released alongside the gold variant.
    • This is so far the only weapon to have been simultaneously released alongisde with both a variant and enhanced version.
  • The golden version is the second LNY weapon that is also included in the Transcendence Series after Transcendent Magnum Drill Gold.